Thursday, March 3, 2016

Will Megyn Kelly go after Trump in Tonight's Debate?

Will Megyn Kelly go after Trump in Tonight's Debate?

Anticipating another appearance on a debate stage with Donald Trump, Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly says their public feud hasn't affected her preparation and she doesn't expect a renewal of hostilities with the Republican presidential front runner.

Romney to speak on 'state of GOP race'

"He is discouraged and dismayed by the direction the party is going in, and what he looks for in a candidate is someone with an even temperament who has the capability and the skills to guide the country, particularly as it relates to our nation's foreign policy," Fehrnstrom said. "He's made it clear, especially in the last few days, that he doesn't think Donald Trump is that person.

The Leftist Fascists Take Over College Campuses

Last Thursday, all hell broke loose at California State University Los Angeles. Hundreds of students gathered to chant slogans, block entrances and exits to the student union auditorium.

The World Bank's Latest Move to Kill the U.S. Dollar

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New Stimulus Program Surrenders Your Savings to the Banks

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Ben Carson to end presidential campaign
Ben Carson, the conservative former neurosurgeon who briefly led the Republican presidential race, is winding down his campaign, he told supporters Wednesday.

DOJ grants immunity to Clinton staffer who set up email server
The Department of Justice granted immunity to a former State Department staffer who helped set up Hillary Clinton's private email server when she was secretary of state.

Trump releases his healthcare plan in campaign statement
Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has released his healthcare platform, which the candidate claims "will broaden healthcare access and make healthcare more affordable.

Supreme Court hears challenge to Texas abortion law
The Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments Wednesday in a controversial Texas case regulating abortion clinics, as thousands rallied on the court steps.

Is America's Future Looking Dim?
The worst political blunder of all time, according to scientist Freeman Dyson, was the decision of the emperor of China in 1433 to cut off his country from the outside world.

Voter discontent with existing order can't be ignored
Super Tuesday made plainly visible the vein of discontent that is running through the American electorate.

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GOP Establishment Going 'All In' to Stop Trump

With Super Tuesday wins, Donald Trump vows to expand GOP

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