Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Obama's last act



It won’t matter if Ted Cruz is the next president if Obama can sneak another liberal onto the Supreme Court.

Another liberal Supreme Court justice will make it impossible for a conservative president to start enacting a bold conservative agenda. That means ObamaCare, Common Core, and all of Obama’s terrible liberal policies will be here to stay. And I don’t want Obama’s last act to handcuff a conservative president to Obama’s liberal legacy, and I know you don’t either. But if he gets his way, that’s exactly what will happen!

Friend, it’s up to you to decide if Barack Obama cripples the next Republican president, or if someone like a President Cruz could appoint a principled conservative to the Supreme Court. And that’s why I’m asking you to donate $50, $35, or $15 right now!

If we get an actual conservative in the White House, Obama’s last act could stifle their ability to restore the America. And America cannot afford that. I don’t want a radical liberal Supreme Court overturning a principled conservative agenda that restores America. I don’t want us to pass actual policy changes next year only to see Obama’s liberal Supreme Court strike it all down.

And Friend, that’s why I’m asking you to stand with us to ensure that there are no hearings and no votes on any Supreme Court nominee while Obama is in office. And we can only do that if we have your support, so please chip in $50, $35, or $15 right now.

Running a campaign like this isn’t cheap. Recruiting activists costs money. Sending nearly a MILLION messages to Senate Republicans costs money. And making sure that you have access to the best technology that makes it easy for YOU to make a difference, well unfortunately that also costs money too. That’s why we need your help to raise another $150K in the next five days.

If the next president is going to make a difference, than they need a conservative Supreme Court. And that means we can’t wait a year to stop Obama’s liberal nominee. We need to get started today. In fact, we need to get started right this minute. Please protect the next conservative president’s agenda with a donation of just $50, $35, or $15 today.

For Freedom,

Adam Brandon
President & CEO, FreedomWorks



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