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3/15   Ronald Reagan Lecture Series - Freedom and Prosperity

AFP Grassroots Activist Training 

ATP on Facebook

ATP is posting several items a week on its Facebook page that are different from what appears on ATP's website or in these mailings. Recent examples:
  • Obamacare: All the Bad Stuff in One Set of Tweets (from Obamacare Truth Squad)
  • Note to AG: Last time Courts Decided Science Galileo was Imprisoned (new from The Discontenterati)
  • ACAT Organizes First Coordinated Global Pushback on Communist May Day Celebrations (Jenny Beth Martin a participant)
  • The Wages of Socialism: Venezuela Richer than Saudi Arabia on Paper (new issue of The Truth)
  • Tea Party Movement Racks up Impressive String of Victories While You Weren't Looking (new Tea Party Reporter)
  • How to Fight Poverty: Graduate, Get a Job, Don't Have Kids Until You're Married (new issue of Rhetoric Central)

3/15   Ronald Reagan Lecture Series - Freedom and Prosperity
Tuesday, March 15

7:30 - 9:00 PM    
Embassy Suites Dulles North
44610 Waxpool Road
Ashburn, VA 20147 
(1.5 miles West of Rt 28)
Only Freedom
Can Create Opportunity and Prosperity
Freedom is the common thread woven through our American tapestry.  Hear George Landrith discuss how freedom is necessary to create opportunities and economic prosperity. Conversely, restrictions on Freedom hinder, restrict or restrain economic success and personal opportunities. Is the fabric of our nation unraveling because that common thread of freedom is being pulled out?   If so, what can be done to preserve this tapestry?
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Ronald Reagan Lecture Series,
an independent, non-partisan and non profit (501(c)(3) organization

Andrea Thornock, Executive Director 
P.O. Box 591, Sterling, VA 20167
Since 1998, Landrith has promoted freedom as President of Frontiers of Freedom-a public policy think tank devoted to promoting a strong national defense, free markets, individual liberty, and constitutionally limited government.
Frontiers of Freedom is recognized as a national leader on the most important issues facing Americans today. These include: national security and defense, constitutional law, market-based environmental solutions, energy, tax reform, property rights, and regulatory reform.
Mr. Landrith is an attorney who previously served as the Vice President and General Counsel to the National Legal Center for the Public Interest - now associated with the American Enterprise Institute. He is also the author of On Politics and Policy: Views on Freedom from an American Conservative. Landrith appears frequently on television and radio news programs, and his writing has appeared in over 100 newspapers across the nation.

3/19   AFP Grassroots Activist Training 
Sterling, VA 9:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Course Description
This training program will consist of six courses. By attending you will learn how to effectively make the case for economic freedom, how the left operates and how to effectively message and tell your story in your community. A full list of the courses and the dates that will take place can be found below:
Session 1: Making the Case for Economic Freedom
Session 2: A Brief History of Grassroots Activism & How the Left Operates
Session 3: Communities vs. Networks
Session 4: Sharing Freedom by Telling Your Story
Session 5: Going Viral: Social Media Workshop
Session 6: Effective Written Messaging
In order to be considered a certified activist, you must attend all six courses and must contribute six volunteer hours.

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