Saturday, March 5, 2016

News you can share: The latest jobs numbers, Obamacare enrollment, and more

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Diane, you're one of the best messengers we've got in this movement. Here's some recommended reading that's easy to share -- the latest jobs numbers, Obamacare enrollment, and more.

One-third of all U.S. presidents appointed a Supreme Court justice in an election year
The Washington Post // Barbara A. Perry

14 presidents have appointed 21 justices during presidential election years. A half-dozen presidents, classic lame ducks, filled Supreme Court seats even though their successors had been elected.

Obama Says Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Reaches 20 Million
New York Times // Gardiner Harris

President Obama said on Thursday that enrollment in health coverage under the Affordable Care Act had reached a new high, 20 million, and he called the law an overwhelming success in this city and around the nation despite Republicans' implacable opposition.

Joe Biden: The Senate's Duty on a Supreme Court Nominee
The New York Times // Vice President Biden

The president has the constitutional duty to nominate; the Senate has the constitutional obligation to provide advice and consent. It is written plainly in the Constitution that both presidents and senators swear an oath to uphold and defend.

Still strong: U.S. economy adds 242,000 jobs
CNN Money // Patrick Gillespie

Unemployment stayed at 4.9% last month, the lowest mark since February 2008. It's at a level many experts consider to be "full employment."

Al Gore: The case for optimism on climate change
TED // Al Gore

Al Gore has three questions about climate change and our future. First: Do we have to change? Each day, global-warming pollution traps as much heat energy as would be released by 400,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs.

Why the Next President Should Raise the Minimum Wage
Fortune // Roger Lowenstein

The reason free-market arguments against the minimum wage fail--at least for moderate increases--is that the labor market does not behave according to the classic supply-and-demand model taught in Economics 101.

Here's How Obamacare Is Keeping People Out Of The Hospital
The Huffington Post // Jonathan Cohn

New penalties for hospitals seem to have dramatically reduced the number of people readmitted with complications.

Workers and employers win with paid leave
Boston Globe // The Editorial Board

Right now, about 40 percent of the workforce is not eligible for family and medical leave through the federal Family and Medical Leave Act because workers are employed by companies with fewer than 50 employees.

Editorial boards agree: Senators should do their jobs

Check out this roundup of editorials from publications around the country that call on senators to do their jobs and hold a fair hearing for President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

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