Thursday, November 5, 2015

Reminder! Tonight's Grassroots Roundtable Call


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Dear Grassroots Leader—

This is a reminder to join us TONIGHT, 
November 5th at 9:00 pm Eastern Time for our next GRASSROOTS ROUNDTABLE CALL. This will be just five days prior to the last GOP Presidential Debate in 2015. 

This call has one purpose: to allow the voice of the grassroots to be heard by the Media.  The National Press will be on this call and will be listening to your thoughts and concerns. The high profile reporters on this call are interested in getting your perspective.

What are the grassroots looking for? If I was a debate host, here are a few questions that I would ask.

  • Candidates MUST address the problems at the IRS and what they will do to ensure Americans are protected from further punishment at the hands of their government. Lerner may be off the hook, but how will they continue to seek justice?
  • Are the Candidates committed to ripping out Obamacare once and for all? No more excuses! No more lame action or inaction! Which candidates do you think will declare war on Obamacare?
  • What do the Candidates say about the debt ceiling cave by Republican (again)? It may be acceptable inside the beltway, but will these Candidates listen to the people and force Washington to act instead of coasting on a free pass?
  • Which Candidate will stand up on that stage to admonish the latest budget deal that gives Obama everything and we get nothing, not even a commitment to cut the massive waste, fraud and abuse rampant at the federal level?

Title: Grassroots Roundtable Call
Time: Thursday, November 5th at 9:00pm Eastern
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
To attend, visit:
Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Local Numbers:
Pin Code: 399329#

Are you ready to be relentless? We will not waiver in our quest to fully restore Constitutional self-governance in America. This is our time. I look forward to hearing from you TONIGHT on our National Grassroots Roundtable Call. 

For liberty,

Mark Meckler
President, Citizens for Self-Governance

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