Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Card Not Activated

Robert -- you have not yet activated your CRUZ CREW exclusive member card.

As one of my most dedicated conservative supporters, I want to get you your first edition CRUZ CREW membership card today.

Click here to chip in and activate your membership today >>>

It will look like this:

EXCEPT -- if you activate your card in the next 48 hours -- I'll make sure your card reflects that you got in on the ground floor by designating you as a 2015 first edition member of the CRUZ CREW.

I'll only have first edition cards available for the next 48 hours.

Follow this link to activate your CRUZ CREW Membership with a contribution of $35 or more, and I'll send you your first edition personalized membership card immediately.

As a first edition member, you will secure your spot on an exclusive call with senior Cruz for President staff -- talking strategy and laying out the groundwork being done across the country to lock up the nomination.

Robert, I hope you will keep this card in your wallet and carry it with pride as your token of support for my campaign.

I'm focused on fighting and winning -- uniting the GOP to defeat Hillary.

You see, under President Obama's watch:

   1.  Our enemies have grown stronger and become emboldened -- putting us at great risk both at home and abroad;

   2.  The federal government continues to expand even while the economy grinds to a halt; and

   3.  We have lost our liberty to crippling regulations like Obamacare.

You and I must band together to fight the Washington Cartel and Obama's unprecedented expansion of the federal government bureaucracy.

Click here to chip in and activate your membership today >>>

Thank you and God bless!

For liberty,

Ted Cruz



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