Monday, November 30, 2015

Private repeal ObamaCare meeting

Monday Evening:

Robert Bruce,

This evening, Majority Leader McConnell convened a meeting of Republican Senators to discuss his ObamaCare Repeal strategy.

This PRIVATE meeting of GOP Senators indicates that Sen. McConnell is serious about passing the Obama Repeal reconciliation bill and sending the first ObamaCare repeal measure to Obama's desk. But McConnell is facing opposition from within the GOP and passage of this bill is far from certain.

+ + Action Item: Sign the REPEAL OBAMACARE Petition

Grassfire wants to deliver at least 50,000 REPEAL OBAMACARE petitions to the Senate as soon as possible -- but we are still nearly 9,000 signers short of our goal.

Robert Bruce, we do not have you on record yet as opposing ObamaCare and supporting this repeal-and-defund effort.

We have simplified the process. Just click here or on the image below to automatically sign this REPEAL OBAMACARE petition. One click is all it takes to have your petition delivered to key Congressional leaders:
Repeal It!
+ + ObamaCare Disaster Getting Worse

As we noted to you last week, reports indicate that ObamaCare is quickly collapsing...

•United HealthCare -- the largest insurer in the nation -- just announced that it may withdraw from the ObamaCare exchanges because the company is absorbing $425 million in losses due to ObamaCare. 

•The other major insurers are hiking rates by double digits due to ObamaCare losses while pulling out of high-risk counties. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is now barely breaking even due to ObamaCare.

•According to a Forbes commentator, "ObamaCare is evolving into a Medicaid marketplace." In other words, the only ObamaCare exchange plans that are working are no better than Medicaid and as a result, ObamaCare is becoming a massive expansion of Medicaid.

•And things will only get worse as enrollment continues to lag far behind promises and predictions. It's a disastrous cycle: prices rise and benefits shrink, so fewer and fewer healthy Americans enroll, causing prices to skyrocket, causing fewer to participate.

Again, GOP leaders just met to discuss their ObamaCare Repeal strategy. We want to send Senators the strongest message possible from citizens like you who oppose the President's health-care takeover. But we need you to confirm your opposition to ObamaCare by clicking here now.

Thanks for the stand you are taking.


P.S. As soon as we reach our 50,000 goal, Grassfire will deliver petitions to Senate Majority Leader McConnell and other key Republicans.  Go here to sign.

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