Monday, November 9, 2015

Rand Paul for President Weekly Newsletter 11/09

Monday, November 9, 2015

This week, Senator Rand Paul led the fight against the debt ceiling increase by filibustering the deal, where his speech generated over 24 million views online. As a fiscal conservative, he objected to the deal because it continued to put us further in debt and spent money that we don't have.

Senator Paul continues to grow his Presidential bid through strong organization. Our campaign is the first to to fill all 99 county chairs in Iowa. Due to Senator Paul's recent success in national polls, he was invited to the main debate stage to Tuesday's Fox Business Channel Debate. Rand is poised for a strong debate performance next week, so make sure to tweet your support, pictures and favorite moments using #StandWithRand.

Doug Stafford
Chief Strategist
Rand Paul for President

News of the Week

Rand Paul Campaign Touts Ground Game

Seated at long tables in a mostly empty office suite on a Monday evening, about 30 staffers and volunteers for Rand Paul’s presidential campaign paused from a phone bank session for a pep talk from the boss. Chip Englander, the national campaign manager, told them he loved the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross.” His brand of persuasion, however, wasn’t the edgy, profanity-laced hard sell that characterized the Hollywood version of a Wall Street boiler room. He wasn’t selling stocks or futures, but an idea that has driven thousands of volunteers in hundreds of bare-bones headquarters over decades of caucus campaigns. The message: Polls don’t matter. It’s ground organization that wins campaigns. “You guys are the key piece in all of this,” Englander said.

What Made America Great?

I’ll give you a hint–it wasn’t free stuff. It wasn’t free education. It wasn’t free healthcare. It was the freedom to thrive–the freedom to be left alone. America is the land people set sail for–to get away from big government, to find freedom, to make their fortune. We have to first understand what made America great before we can even think about influencing the rest of the world. Some candidates for President like Hillary Clinton and Sen. Marco Rubio think we should spread American style-freedom and democracy around the world.

Rand Paul Goes Viral, Thanks to Mike Lee

Rand Paul’s late-night budget deal filibuster bid picked up an unexpected boost from fellow Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah. Lee posted to his Facebook page a clip of the Kentucky presidential hopeful expressing on the Senate floor his opposition to the budget deal, which also suspended the debt limit beyond the 2016 elections. “The mainstream media did not want to tell the truth about what was in this budget deal. But in the era of social media, you can no longer hide votes for bad policy in the middle of the night,” Lee said in a statement. “The American people will find out.” Rather than engaging in a prolonged oration as he’s done before, Paul spoke a couple of times at much shorter length during the deal’s debate. The segment of Paul raising a point of order that the agreement, which was signed into law Monday, broke the budget rules, was viewed more than 18 million times by Monday afternoon.

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Photos from the Week

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Rand Paul Filing for President in New Hampshire - Concord, NH

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Volunteer of the Week

Daphne Lee


Daphne is the Clark County Co-Chair in Nevada and has made over 500 phone calls in support of Rand Paul for President this week. She is an advocate for smaller government and has helped lead the fight against the NDAA, which strips Americans rights to due process.

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