Thursday, November 5, 2015

Remember, remember. . .

Dear Robert:

"Remember, remember the 5th of November."

If you've ever seen the movie V for Vendetta, you know that's the central tagline used by the revolutionaries who are fighting their oppressive government.

Today, my grassroots supporters all over the country are throwing a massive "5th of November" Money Bomb for my campaign.

Will you join in with your most generous contribution of $20.16 or more TODAY?

Will you help me give the national media and political establishment of BOTH parties something to remember this 5th of November?

Look to Washington, D.C. today, and it's not hard to see why so many Americans are angry.

We vote for politicians who promise to secure our borders and get nothing.

We vote for politicians who promise to "fight President Obama" and get more smoky backroom deals.

We vote for politicians who promise to undo ObamaCare, while voting to keep this train wreck rambling on.

BOTH parties are to blame.

BOTH parties seem more intent on spending us into oblivion and spying on our every move than keeping their campaign promises.

Robert, it's time the American people took their country back from the Washington Machine.

That means kicking out the career politicians by imposing term limits. It means forcing Congress to read the bills they RAM into law.

It means cutting taxes to ensure we whittle Washington, D.C. down to size.

It means enforcing the Bill of Rights and telling BOTH parties "hands off our liberties!"

New polls show my campaign is positioned in the top third of the Republican field.

My ground game is unmatched, and energy is sky-high.

Will you help me capitalize on my momentum?

Will you help me send a LOUD-AND-CLEAR message that resonates from coast-to-coast that we are willing to do whatever it takes to finally get our out-of-control federal government off our backs!

Will you contribute $20.16 or more today to help me ensure the Washington Machine has something to remember this November 5th?

I'm counting on you, Robert.

Please act at once.

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In Liberty,

Rand Paul

Paid for by Rand Paul for President

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