Saturday, November 7, 2015

Keystone rejected, 5% unemployment, TPP released, and more

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Jobs report crushes expectations, unemployment rate plunges to 7-year low
Business Insider // Akin Oyedele

The unemployment rate dropped to 5%, its lowest level since 2008. Economists consider a 5% rate to indicate full employment.

Obama Rejects Construction of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline
The New York Times // Coral Davenport

The rejection of the pipeline is one of several actions Mr. Obama has taken as he intensifies his push on climate change in his last year in office. In August, he announced his most significant climate policy, a set of aggressive new regulations to cut emissions of planet-warming carbon pollution from the nation's power plants.

Thanks, Obamacare: America's Uninsured Rate Is Now Lowest Ever
Forbes // Dan Diamond

In June 2010, about 16% of Americans were uninsured. But by June 2015, that number had fallen to 9% -- and it's never been this low before.

U.S. states, cities seek to defend Obama's carbon rule in court
Reuters // Ayesha Roscoe

More than two dozen U.S. states and cities asked a federal court Tuesday to let them help defend the Obama administration's carbon emissions reduction plan from legal challenges being brought by other states.

Everyone's favorite climate change fix
Christian Science Monitor // Cristina Maza

Economists, officials, and executives across the globe increasingly support carbon pricing to stem the rise of greenhouse-gas emissions. Can it work?

Here's the Deal: The Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Medium // Barack Obama

It's the highest standard trade agreement in history. It eliminates 18,000 taxes that various countries put on American goods. That will boost Made-in-America exports abroad while supporting higher-paying jobs right here at home. And that's going to help our economy grow.

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