Monday, January 19, 2015

Priorities of the 114th Congress - With Rep. Bill Flores

The National Emergency Coalition

Priorities of the 114th Congress!

A Conversation with the New Chairman of the Republican Study Committee  

 Rep. Bill Flores


How will the 114th Congress address immigration, the Keystone Pipeline and energy independence, Obamacare, passing a balanced budget, education and the protection of religious liberties?  How will they require the President to abide by the laws that they legislate?  Where will they draw the line in the sand on administrative overreach?  This Tuesday, we will learn more about the legislative priorities of this Republican led Congress. 


We will get this information first-hand from Congressman Bill Flores whose was tapped by Speaker Boehner and his colleagues to serve as the new Chairman of the Republican Study Committee.


Rep. Flores is serving in his third term in congress and represents the 17th District of Texas.  He is the former CEO of Phoenix Exploration Company, an oil and natural gas exploration company.  Join us this Tuesday to hear from Rep. Flores and take the opportunity to ask him questions about the issues that matter to you and our nation.


Join us this Tuesday, 12 Noon, January 20, 2015 for our National Emergency Coalition Conference call.


The telephone number is 712-432-0900.  

Access code - 199176#.

Last Week's Call with Dr. Alveda King
Last week, Dr. Alveda King participated in our weekly NEC call.  She spoke about the legacy of her father Rev. A.D. King and uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the fight for healing, reconciliation and the first amendment rights of Christians.   Click on her picture to listen to last week's discussion.
As always, thank you for your love of country and your support of STAND.  We look forward to your participation on Tuesday's call.

For God and Country,

E.W. Jackson
President, STAND

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Tues, January 20, 2015
GUEST:  Rep. Bill Flores
Priorities of the 114th Congress.  

 January 27th
Rep. Louis Gohmert
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Bishop E.W. Jackson

January 19, 2015

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