Tuesday, January 6, 2015

FWD: Less than an Hour



In less than an hour congressional Republicans will vote for the next Speaker of the House.

They can choose a principled conservative like Louie Gohmert or Ted Yoho, or, they can vote for another two years of John Boehner. Robert, we’re running out of time. The vote is in less than an hour. If you haven’t called already, call now. If you have, please make one more call!

In liberty,

Noah Wall
Grassroots Director, FreedomWorks




In a few hours, Republicans will decide if they want to elect a real conservative Speaker of the House or maintain the status quo. You and I both know what John Boehner stands for: funding ObamaCare, Obama’s unconstitutional spying program, a lawless president, and $18 trillion in debt.

Robert, if Republicans are going to restore America, we need a Speaker who will stand up to Obama and support a principled conservative agenda -  not surrender to a radical president. We need a Speaker of the House who will fight Obama tooth and nail, a Speaker who will NEVER give up in the fight to save our country. That’s why I need you to call these congressmen right now, because they need to know that you want them to vote for a principled Republican, NOT John Boehner.

Republicans have a few hours to decide if they stand for principle and replace Boehner with a real conservative. I hope you’ll join me in calling these congressmen and asking them vote for someone who stands for the values you and I believe in.

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe
President & CEO, FreedomWorks


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