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Parents Stand Up to Common Core


Mississippi Rally AGAINST Common Core
- by Laura van Overschelde

On January 6, the grassroots in Mississippi made a huge statement to the state legislature. We the People are telling OUR elected officials that Common Core is unacceptable as standards and curriculum for our school children. It is particularly offensive due to the fact that it was adopted in order to receive federal funds before the standards were even written. Read more here...


Common Core Opponents Make Statement at Capitol
- via The Clarion-Ledger

Gov. Phil Bryant stood in solidarity Tuesday with more than 100 Common Core opponents from across the state who spent the first day of the 2015 legislative session rallying lawmakers to repeal the controversial academic standards.

Speaking from the steps of the Capitol, Bryant told the crowd it's the state — not the federal government — that dictates educational goals and assessments for its schoolchildren. He said Mississippi should repeal Common Core and implement its own standards. Read more here...

Thank You FreedomWorks Activists for Opposing Boehner

Thank you to all the activists that sent over 20,000 messages and 13,000 calls to Congress opposing John Boehner for Speaker of the House. 25 congressmen stood on principle and listened to the grassroots when they voted. Watch here...


Tea Party Groups Make Last-Minute Push to Oust Boehner
- via The Hill

With about two hours to go before the 12:45 p.m. vote on Tuesday, FreedomWorks said that its members had made over 11,000 phone calls to congressional offices urging members to vote against Boehner and sent more than 18,700 messages online in the last 72 hours.

Another group, Tea Party Patriots, said on Twitter that it had facilitated close to 4,000 calls to members and urged its followers to make more.

FreedomWorks was also aggressively pushing the campaign against Boehner on social media as the vote got closer. Read more here...

Obama's Community College Power Grab
- by Logan Albright

In the run-up to his State of the Union Address, President Obama is advancing a bold new proposal for education. He wants to make community college free for the first two years for students who are willing to “work for it.” Of course, by “work for it” he means “not completely fail,” setting the extremely low bar for eligibility of a C+ average and half (half!?) time attendance.

Right off the bat, three problems jump out that make this idea about as bad as any Obama has ever had. Read more here...

Freedom Art: Melissa A. Torres
- by Frances Byrd

Though Melissa is relatively new to Liberatchik, she has been an enthusiastic participant in our efforts to #TakeBackOurCulture. She joined our movement because she feels it is important for people to realize that all artists, while it seems to be the norm, are not Liberal. She believes, as we do, that it is important to promote the many artists who are Conservative or Libertarian. Melissa feels, as many of us at Liberatchik often do, that we are outnumbered in the art community. She understands our feelings of exclusion and the difficulty of becoming successful because of closed-mindedness in the vast majority of artists who are Liberal. Because many of them believe there is no place for pro-American or individualist themes in the arts, Melissa feels that we must show them that it is not the case. There surely is an audience for Patriotic art; we just need the same opportunities to display it in public venues. See more here...


The Price of Gas: Are Americans Dumb
- by Ted Abram

Are Americans dumb? Jonathan Gruber, the architect of ObamaCare, knew obfuscation and deceit were necessary to pass ObamaCare and went so far as to call the American people “dumb.” Sadly, it seems deceit and obfuscation continues to surround our current administration with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). Rep. Schultz proclaims our crashing gas prices are due to the Democrats. Read more here...

Obama's $181 Billion in Executive Actions Are Being Passed on to Consumers Through Higher Prices
- by Jason Pye

Americans already face a $1.8 trillion regulatory burden. These heavy costs are passed on by businesses to consumers, who spend almost a quarter of their annual income complying with regulations often approved executive-level agencies, which have effectively become the fourth branch of the federal government.

The regulatory burden Americans faced was further exacerbated in 2014, which President Barack Obama dubbed a "year of action," in which he would use his "pen and phone" to get around Congress to enact his agenda. Through executive fiat, the Obama administration proposed and finalized tens of thousands of new regulations last year, which, according to an analysis by Sam Batkins of American Action Forum, come with a $181.5 billion overall price tag. Read more here...

ObamaCare and the Medicrats Part 3

Ralph Weber, author of "MediCrats: Medical Bureaucrats that Rule your Health Care" and President of MediBid Inc., discusses the rising costs of medical care in the U.S. and how Obamcare is exacerbating the problem. Watch here...


2015 Brings ObamaCare Employer Mandate
- by Tom Borelli

For most businesses the new year will ring in the ObamaCare employer mandate that was delayed in 2013.

Starting in 2015, businesses that employ more than 100 full-time workers will be required to offer the health care coverage mandated by the government for 70 percent of its workers or face a penalty of $2,000 per employee. In 2016, these businesses must cover 95 percent of its employees. Read more here...

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