Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Possible Idea to Reach the People

I just thought of something that we can consider to communicate with the people.

I don't have talent in this area, but wager to guess that some of you could do this with "finesse".

Why don't we create a few videos - covering the various different issues that we are concerned about?  We can post them on YouTube and other social media. 

First, we would have to determine the stand we want to take and come up with a script.

People are very "visual" and relate to this type of thing - so long as it is done right - is somewhat "entertaining" and not "heavy-handed".

Some Possible topics:  Radical Islam/Terrorism,   Protecting our Borders/Immigration,   Obamacare,    Common Core/Education,    Federal Spending,    Taxes/Redistribution of Wealth

Another Possibility - although we would have to pay for the time - creating some radio ads


Sheri Krass
State Chair, Florida Chapter Of EUSE
National Co-Chair, Eye On US Education (EUSE)

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