Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Own a gun? These people want you to pay MORE for health coverage!

Fellow Patriots,

In Today's Patriot Action Network overview we're going to look at a couple stories just hitting the network that are sure to provoke some discussion. The first is about how the anti-gun movement is setting us up for a new battle over healthcare costs, and they're doing it with their sights set directly on gun owners. 

You see, North Dakota lawmakers just passed a law that makes it illegal to force doctors to ask patients about gun ownership. Additionally, patients won't have to answer when asked. The anti-gun crowd is making the absurd argument that this will cause an explosion in malpractice scenarios. I kid you not. They are actually arguing that a doctor could be held guilty of malpractice for not asking a patient with a broken arm if they own a gun. 

You just can't make this stuff up. 

The story plays into a second narrative where, along these same lines, the anti-gun crowd is claiming gun owners present a higher probability of rising health costs. So not only do they now argue we gun owners should have higher health insurance, but that we shouldn't be able to refuse to tell a doctor that we own a firearm. 

In other words, if you think the move to disarm America has settled down, think again. A second wave is building and it's taking a completely new path thanks to Obamacare. 


The second story we want to point to is about Sarah Palin. While attending an event in Iowa last week Sarah Palin said she is interested in the idea of running for President in 2016. We don't believe she is actually taking steps to do so at this point (no exploratory committee, no movement in building a team, infrastructure, etc.) but her words alone set the internet and media on fire. 

In response there seems to be two camps within the liberty movement. Those who believe Palin is too toxic to win a general election and those who believe she's exactly the kind of candidate we need. 

What say you? Click here to read the full story and comment with your thoughts


Patriot Action Network will soon announce the first 12 State Coordinators for the Patriot Caucus project. We intend to get organized in all 50 states and we're very excited to be bringing this fantastic team together. 

We do, however, still need volunteers/patriots to step up in the rest of the states and we hope you might consider doing so. 

We now have an application page up that describes the role of a State Coordinator and makes it easy for you to submit your interest in becoming a State Leader in your state. 

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