Sunday, March 2, 2014

You Won



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We Won

Last week was a good week. We came one step closer toward beating the IRS.

You know the IRS proposed new regulations that will make it impossible for conservative groups to make their voice heard. And you know that if these rules are enacted, they will do enormous damage to our movement.

But you weren’t intimidated. Patriots like you submitted almost one hundred thousand comments to the IRS’s website. You forced the bureaucrats to listen. They know you care about your constitutional rights.


And it’s because of your activism the House of Representatives passed a law this week to delay the IRS’s speech-crushing regulations for one year. Every single Republican voted for the bill, and 14 Democrats joined them. 

It wouldn’t have happened without your effort. Thousands of patriots called their representatives and demanded Congress put a stop to the IRS’s intimidation. You got on the phone, and your representatives listened.

It’s a shame more Democrats don’t support this issue. Stopping the IRS’s suppression of free speech should be a bipartisan issue. Every politician in Washington should oppose this radical clampdown on basic, constitutional rights.

Now the fight goes to the Senate. We have to keep up the pressure to stop the IRS.

It’s because of your activism and passion for the Constitution that Washington is listening. We must stop the IRS to preserve our movement. With your help, we will win.

FreedomWorks for America Activists are Everywhere

grayson co lincoln dinner 264.jpg

The fight for 2014 has begun. FreedomWorks for America activists are mobilizing across the country. They’re in Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Idaho, and across America. They’re working hard to replace the Progressives in both parties with real Conservatives. They’re putting in the hard work to make sure we replace six Soros-funded Senate Democrats with real conservatives. And 2014 is another opportunity to permanently stop Obama’s radical takeover of America.

The 2014 elections may decide the fate of our country. This is our last chance to make Obama a real lame-duck president. It’s a chance to FIRE the Progressive politicians and Establishment hacks and elect Constitutional Conservatives. And it’s a chance to tell DC: we won’t stop until we take our country back.


Activists are fired up like never before. They are hitting the streets, knocking on doors, and talking to voters one-on-one. They’re getting the names of real Conservative candidates out there: Matt Bevin, Chris McDaniel, Shane Osborn, Greg Brannon, Dan Bongino, Bryan Smith and more.

More importantly, they're ready to beat the Democrats and take the Senate. They won't accept failure. Winning the Senate is the only option for them.


Like all elections, 2014 will be about boots-on-the-ground. And FreedomWorks for America has the largest army of grassroots activists ready to fight. They aren’t backing just any Conservatives – they’re backing Conservatives who can win. They know beating the Democrats is the only way we will take our country back.

Check out all the action below. And keep an eye out – you might see FreedomWorks for America activists in your neighborhood.














fw ky vic.pngThis week's video features clips from the grand opening of two FreedomWorks for America victory centers in Kentucky. Hundreds of activists came out to Fire Mitch McConnell and elect Matt Bevin. Make sure you check out all the action.

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