Thursday, March 27, 2014

This Monday: Last chance to help out in Norfolk for health care enrollment

Organizing for Action
Friend --

One last weekend -- that's all we've got.

The deadline to get covered this year is Monday, March 31st.

This is our last chance to get out there and help folks in our neighborhoods get health insurance this year. You should be part of it.

People in Norfolk are spreading the word about getting covered this Monday -- RSVP now to join in.

Here are the details:

What: Obamacare event in Norfolk

Where: 100 Granby St.
Norfolk, VA 23510

When: Monday, March 31st
12:00 pm

RSVP now

This is a defining moment for health care in this country. Think about the people who can finally get health care, and no longer have to worry about what might happen if they get sick. Think about the millions of Americans who will never be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, and the people who won't have to go bankrupt because of a medical emergency.

That's what these next four days are all about.

This is our last big push -- let's give it all we've got.

RSVP now to help out with folks in your area this Monday:



Sara El-Amine
National Organizing Director
Organizing for Action

P.S. -- Even if you can't make it out, be sure to check out other ways to get involved today. It's easy to help out in the final push for health care -- pitch in a little of your time.

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