Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Huge Win



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Indiana Kicks Common Core Out

The Common Core victories keep coming.

First the Tennessee Legislature took big steps at weakening the education takeover. Now Indiana has gone from federal standards to a state-based curriculum. The state rejected Common Core standards.

This was a tremendous victory for grassroots activists and more importantly, the kids. For months, conservatives in Indiana told their lawmakers to kick Common Core out of Indiana. Not only did the State Legislature listen, Governor Mike Pence also got the message: top-down standards for education leave kids worse off. 

Thank Governor Pence for standing with parents and grassroots conservatives and stopping Common Core.

pence common core.jpg

Grassroots activists got on the phone and made their elected officials listen. They defeated Common Core by not giving up, and making the case for locally-controlled education.

Hoosiers’ rejection of Common Core could open the floodgates for more states to opt out. That’s why we need to celebrate this victory and thank Governor Pence. His leadership was a key factor in stopping the education takeover.

Make sure you thank Governor Pence for stopping Common Core.

A Win on the IMF

Grassroots activists saw another victory this week when Senator Harry Reid was forced to drop language from a bill that would increase the amount of funding to the International Monetary Fund. Ted Cruz led the fight to stop the IMF funding, while conservative activists demanded their lawmakers stop this spending.

President Obama and Senate Democrats wanted more money for the IMF. They wanted to spend more of your money overseas.

Patriots like you weren’t having it. You know there is absolutely no reason for American taxpayers to fork over their money to the IMF. Not only does the international organization bail out irresponsible governments, it’s also secretive about how our tax dollars are spent.

Without the hard work of dedicated conservatives, the Progressives would have given more of your money to the IMF. But FreedomWorks members like you sent thousands of messages to Capitol Hill demanding the IMF funding language be stripped from the bill. And DC listened.

This is how the grassroots win.


Come to FreePAC Kentucky

Do you have your passes for FreePAC Kentucky yet?

The biggest grassroots event of the year is less than a week away. On April 5th, conservatives are gathering in Louisville, Kentucky to celebrate freedom and American greatness. If you are thinking about going, now is the time to get your passes.

Glenn Beck, Matt Kibbe, Deneen Borelli, Andrew Wilkow, Ken Cuccinelli, and The Rev. CL Bryant will all be there. So will Kentucky Senate Candidate Matt BevinMississippi’s Chris McDaniel, and Congressional Candidate Igor Birman.

We’re also proud to announce Congressional Candidate Dan Bongino will also take the stage. This event just keeps getting better and better. And you need to get your passes ASAP before they sell out. 

RINOs, Progressives, and ObamaCare supporters won’t fit in at FreePAC. This is an event for REAL patriotic conservatives. This is where we come together to tell Washington: we’re sick and tired of being pushed around. 

Passes to FreePAC are going fast. This is one of your final chances to get your pass to an epic celebration of liberty, community, and the American Dream.

If you want to see the excitement and magic that happens at FreePAC, make sure you check out the following video.

bryant image newsletter.jpg

If you want to see this kind of grassroots passion in real life, get your general admission passes to FreePAC now, before it’s too late.


Check out FreedomWorks for America activists

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fwot newsletter 03 30.pngThis week's video features the return of FreedomWorks on Tap. This week's episode features Christian Adams of ACRU Election Integrity Defense Project speaking with FreedomWorks Director of Grassroots Whitney Neal on ballot integrity and activism. Make sure you catch this informative talk.

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