Friday, March 28, 2014

We're all in for 3/31:

Organizing for Action
Diane --

In the final push to get America covered, OFA supporters have together committed to more than 500,000 volunteer hours to the cause.

Put it this way: Those supporters could have stayed home and watched all seven seasons of The West Wing 4,578 times instead.

I'm glad they didn't -- yesterday we heard that 6 million Americans have already signed up for coverage.

That's the power of grassroots organizing.

This is a movement we're building, and we're counting on supporters like you at critical times like this. We're updating our records, and according to the one associated with this exact email address, here's what we have:

    -- Supporter Status: Active
    -- 2014 Membership: Pending
    -- Suggested action: Donate $5 or more today.

Our March 31st fundraising deadline is absolutely critical.

I know firsthand that major budget decisions are made based on how many supporters chip in. It determines the grassroots program I get to run, and the resources we have to invest in the future of organizing.

We make sure your donations are put to work with the big picture in mind. Just look at our Spring Fellows program -- we accepted 1,751 organizers into an intense training that will send them out into the world ready to be leaders in the fight for progressive change.

While the other side is spending millions still trying to roll back Obamacare, or whatever other progress they don't like, we're driving this movement forward.

If that's the kind of work you believe in, then I'm asking you to chip in today and help build it:



Sara El-Amine
National Organizing Director
Organizing for Action

If you've made a donation online or by check very recently that isn't reflected above, don't worry -- it may still be processing. Thanks for your support.

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