Monday, March 24, 2014

How James O'Keefe gets results

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Not everyone is swallowing wholesale what they are being taught in American educational institutions. A 20-year-old at Rutgers, feeling stifled by political correctness, used his theatrical creative talents to expose and ridicule their policies by feigning outrage as an Irish-American at the cafeteria serving Lucky Charms cereal. Nine years and fifty explosive investigations later, James O'Keefe has shaken the foundation of the left's dominance in non-profits, the media and government.

Listen to what made him almost quit, and why he didn't. Listen to his take on journalism in 2014.

Watch Leaders with Ginni Thomas:
  James O'Keefe

See part one of the interview here.
Last week: Kevin Freeman, a financial expert and author on economic warfare

Next week: Lila Rose, president of Live Action



P.S.  After decades of celebrated, independent reporting, Sharyl Attkisson has left CBS News. Now, she has a new website and blog. Show the establishment media that you want more facts and investigations like hers by LIKING and SHARING her content.

P.P.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said there are no Obamacare victims and that any claims to the contrary are lies. Someone took that as a challenge to find victims in all states to tell Harry to wake up. See this three-minute video in response to Reid.

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