Thursday, December 13, 2012

Taking the holy day out of holiday


While most Americans are familiar with the radical Left’s fanatical obsession to purge any and all mention of Christ, or Christianity from the public square during the Christmas Season, most are not aware of the key role the liberal is playing in this production. Our friends at the Media Research Center have put together a stunning special report that spotlights their starring role in censoring Christmas.

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From the Desk of:
David Martin, Vice President Media Research Center


"Tis the season to … censor the free expression of religion?!

That’s right, the American Left’s fanatical obsession with purging any mention of Christianity from the public square is intensifying during this Christmas Season.

In a new Special Report, the Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute (CMI) exposes how the liberal media serve as major enablers for the Radical Left's war on Christmas.

The liberal media’s vicious assault on traditional values is shaping up to be one of their most shameful legacies.

Earlier this year, we exposed the media’s crusade against Chick-fil-A all because its president suggested that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.

We also exposed how the media censored the unprecedented lawsuits filed by 43 Catholic organizations against the Obama Administration over ObamaCare’s mandate forcing religious institutions to subsidize abortifacients and sterilizations.

Did you ever dream that CHRISTMAS — a holiday celebrated by billions of people around the world and a U.S. federal holiday — would become a controversial issue that would elicit the ire of anti-Christian fundamentalists?

As our new shocking Special Report documents, that is exactly what is happening:

• Parents tried to stop the production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at an Arkansas school.

• Hawaii’s Department of Education canceled an annual Christmas concert over the threat of a lawsuit.

• Santa Monica, CA banned Nativity scenes in Palisades Park, where they had been a Christmas feature for decades.

• Senior citizens in Los Angeles were told they couldn’t have a Christmas tree in their apartment complex because it’s a “religious symbol.”

The media are enabling the Left’s radical agenda by either censoring any news related to the war on Christmas or vilifying those of us who hold traditional views.

They must be held accountable for their unconscionable attack on our values, whether it’s their campaign to destroy Chick-fil-A, their embrace of ObamaCare’s despicable mandate infringing on religious liberty, or their complicity in the war on Christmas.

We launched the Culture and Media Institute to aggressively expose, document, and neutralize precisely these kinds of media attacks on traditional American values.

The media are censoring the news and aggressively promoting the Left’s radical agenda, so it’s up to you — our most loyal grassroots supporters — to fight back by sharing CMI’s Special Report far and wide so that other patriotic Americans hear the truth about the Left's deliberate war on traditional values.

Thank you for standing with the MRC.

David Martin

P.S. After you read the report, please consider chipping in a tax-deductible donation of $10 or $20 to help MRC continue to fund our programs and research that expose and fight back liberal media bias.

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