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KGTP Newsletter - 23 March 2021

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

As mentioned during our monthly meeting in February, we will hold an election during our 1 April meeting to select my replacement as the KGTP's Chairman.  All of those wishing to be considered for this position should prepare a short (2-3 minute) speech outlining why the membership ought to select you to take the reins and be prepared to share those comments during the meeting.

We have already passed the 1-year mark for the COVID-19 lockdown.  In order to keep things in perspective, I offer to you the graphics in this article that compare the effects of the world's most dangerous pandemic diseases.

New Visual Compares the World's Deadliest Pandemics by Population Impact - And COVID's Placement May Surprise You

And now for some news of interest...

TEA Party / Nationalism Movement

From the top article below:

"It's been a hell of a year for Americans. We've lost friends and family. We've been forced by indifferent politicians and cruel bureaucrats to mourn passed loved ones from our laptop screens. Saddest of all, we've watched as Americans across the country have surrendered their freedoms and informed on their neighbors in exchange for delusions of security. But here in this house, as in free homes and states across the country, we won't surrender.  We're a free people, but only so long as we're willing to fight for it. Don't be fooled into submission by false political slogans, and don't unquestioningly do what you're told. Small acts of rebellion may be just that, but they can be important."

One Year Of Rebellion Against Dr. Fauci And The Government's Tyranny

Taxes / Taxed Enough Already

From the top article below:

"In other words: More spending is dandy; cutting taxes is verboten.  The National Law Review opined that this provision represents 'the most significant federal pre-emption of state tax policy in history.'"

Biden to states: whatever you do, don't cut your taxes!

Amazon's Big Taxpayer Heist

Pelosi Suggests Corporate, Capital Gains Tax Hikes Pay for Infrastructure

Biden tax hike could hit people earning $200K, White House says

IRS postpones tax deadline until May 17…


From the top article below:

"The deadly impact of lockdowns will grow in future years, due to the lasting economic and educational consequences. The United States will experience more than 1 million excess deaths in the United States during the next two decades as a result of the massive 'unemployment shock' last year, according to a team of researchers from Johns Hopkins and Duke, who analyzed the effects of past recessions on mortality. Other researchers, noting how educational levels affect income and life expectancy, have projected that the 'learning loss' from school closures will ultimately cost this generation of students more years of life than have been lost by all the victims of the coronavirus."

Death and Lockdowns

'The Dominoes Are Falling': Minnesota Gov. Walz Rescinds All Occupancy Requirements On Churches Following Lawsuit

Do We Need Mask Mandates?

The ground is shifting under Americans' feet on health care

21 States Sue Biden For Revoking Keystone Pipeline XL Permit, 'The Power to Regulate Foreign and Interstate Commerce Belongs to Congress - Not the President'

National Debt / Its the Spending, Stupid!

From the top article below:

"How do we pay for a $3 trillion infrastructure bill? Biden's team suggested payment 'through initiatives that would reduce spending by as much as $700 billion over a decade, like allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs with pharmaceutical companies.'  I doubt Biden's team goes for that one because Democrats won't reduce spending. They'll likely go with this one: tax increases on the wealthy!  Oh, not just the wealthy individual. Wealthy households."

Biden Admin Prepares $3 Trillion Infrastructure Bill With Climate Measures, Universal Pre-K

Reports: Team Biden Planning $3 Trillion Infrastructure, Climate, and Welfare Bill

Dems Will Use Reconciliation to Pass a 'Kitchen Sink' Bill

Report: Here's How Much Illegal Immigrants Are Getting in Stimulus Checks Thanks to Biden

Biden Administration To Spend $86 Million Housing Migrants In Hotels

Biden Spending Millions per Day to Halt Border Wall Construction

Republicans Join Democrat Corruption - Vote to Accept Earmarks and the Frivolous Spending That Goes with Them


From the top article below:

"The new debt that American politicians are accumulating with massive spending bills (another $4 trillion coming in Biden Climate and Infrastructure bills) is not sustainable.  The world markets are not big enough to purchase bonds issued to cover the debt.  This is why it has to be monetized by the government.  Moore explained what this is: 'Monetising the debt – you pay for the debt by printing more money.'"

'Monetizing the Debt - You Pay for the Debt by Printing More Money' - Economist Steve Moore on What's Going on Today

Powell says Fed expects inflation rise this year to be 'neither particularly large nor persistent'

Powell Says Stimulus Package Unlikely to Create Too Much Inflation

Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Climb Despite Reopening

UAW warns Ford Avon Lake workers that company plans to move future project to Mexico

Patriotism / America First

From the top article below:

"For lions, the sheep's freedom is imprisonment, and the sheep's equality is slavery.  No matter how nice the field of grass, an animal in a pen cannot be free, and no matter how equal their existence within the pen, no animal inside can ever be equal to those wandering creatures outside it.  Lions grow their manes as they wish.  They hunt what they want.  They explore and create families and live how they choose.  And outside the security of a pen, the lion's freedom comes with an acceptance that happiness is not guaranteed, that misery is quite possible, and that life tends to dole out both in unequal portions."

Be lions, not sheep

Until Lambs Become Lions

Don Surber: Being president cost Trump $700 million

Condo Association Says Resident's American Flag Is too Noisy

DeSantis Takes On Critical Race Theory: 'Teaching Kids To Hate Their Country' Not Worth 'One Red Cent Of Taxpayer Money'

First Amendment / Freedom of Speech / Freedom of Religion

From the top article below:

"Yet the Equality Act is not merely a message. It is a draconian threat of legal, political, financial, and cultural coercion, and the coercive powers of the new moral order will be directed—as the Equality Act makes clear—against any resistance. Make no mistake about it: That coercion will be brought against religious schools, ministries, non-profits, and all religious institutions. The bill does not even acknowledge the sacred rights of religious congregations and denominations. Individual believers too will be coerced into compliance with the new moral regime, which is coming with a vengeance."

The War On Religious Liberty

NC Lt. Gov Mark Robinson to Newsmax TV: Conservative Voices Being Silenced in Schools

How The Equality Act Would Legalize Religious Bigotry

Why Is A Loyal New York City Police Officer from Staten Island Being Persecuted for His Off-Duty Political Support of Donald Trump and Friendship with Roger Stone?

Christian Baker Back in Court After Refusing to Make Gender 'Transition' Cake

How to Defend Free Speech

Criminalizing Protest at the Capitol

Trump to Return to Social Media With His Own Platform Soon

School Pays $325,000 To Former Teacher Allegedly Forced To Edit Trump Shirt From Yearbook

Second Amendment / Right to Keep and Bear Arms

From the top article below:

"South Carolina Republican state senators approved a bill Tuesday that would make every state resident eligible to own a gun above the age of 17 a member of an 'unorganized militia.'  The bill was approved Tuesday by a 2-1 vote at a Senate subcommittee meeting and is now heading to a full-committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday. The bill was originally introduced Feb. 25 and draws on Article 13 of the state's constitution. This article allows the governor to call up an 'unorganized militia' of 'able-bodied male citizens' between ages 18 and 45, the Associated Press reported."

South Carolina State Senators Suggest Making Everyone A Militia Member To Protect Gun Rights

Jen Psaki: Joe Biden Considering Executive Actions on Gun Control

Will Court Packing Threat Keep SCOTUS From 2A Cases? – Bearing Arms

Tennessee Senate advances 'permitless carry'

Colorado Judge Strikes Down Boulder's AR-15 Ban

Fourth Amendment / Right to Privacy

From the top article below:

"The Ulysses Group provides telematics based location intelligence, in both real time and historical formats. The data can be used to geo-locate, track and target time sensitive mobile targets, tip and cue other sensors, develop patterns of life, identify networks and relationships, and enhance situational awareness among many other applications. ... Ulysses' analysis, and existing access to bulk commercial telematics data, represents a revolutionary opportunity to collect and analyze real time data on mobile targets anywhere in the world without deploying into harms way – whether you want to geo-locate one vehicle or 25,000,000..."

Ulysses Group Claims It Can Track Nearly Any Car in Real-Time

Corruption / Rule of Law

From the top article below:

"Jeremy explains in his recent video that the FBI called his cellphone and asked for a meeting after trying to contact him at his house. Jeremy then met with the FBI agents at a restaurant in Ybor City in December. He told Brandon Gray that 38 seconds into the intervew the FBI attempted to recruit him to spy on the Oath Keepers."

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: FBI and DHS Attempt To Recruit Former Green Beret to Infiltrate and Spy on Oath Keepers, Proud Boys - But He Recorded The Conversation!

Dark Money Fuels Push to Ditch Filibuster

Soros-Backed DA Cut Plea Deals With Violent Criminals Represented by Campaign Donors

Missouri Family Court Corruption: The Fathers Tell All

Leaked Docs Show Obama's Administration Gave Google Its Monopoly

Corporate Donors Dominate Push to Give Amnesty to 4.4M Illegal Aliens

Who Broke the Law With the Trump-Georgia Phone Call?

Federal Government Lost 5x More to COVID Stimulus Fraud Than It Spent on Vaccine Development, New Report Reveals

Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Outed as Source of Fake Trump Quotes in Washington Post Story

National Sovereignty / Border Security / Illegal Alien Invasion

From the top article below:

"The Mayorkas welcome for migrant families is accompanied by an open-door policy for older teens people who claim the status of 'Unaccompanied Alien Children.'  The number of so-called UACs in U.S. custody exceeds 15,000. The spike comes as Mayorkas allows job-seeking teenagers to be treated as children and has allowed illegal migrants living in the United States to pick up their foreign children once they have been relayed by coyotes and federal agents to government-run shelters around the United States."

DHS Releasing 87 Percent of Migrant Families into U.S.

WaPo: Biden Admin Planning To Fly Migrants From Mexican Border To Northern States

Border Agents Are Releasing Illegals With no Court Date

HHS Asks Pentagon to House Migrant Children at Two Texas Bases

HHS seeks to house migrant children at three US military bases

Biden Administration Caves, Releases Video Showing Deplorable Conditions for Immigrant Children

Chamber of Commerce: 'Critically Important' for Senate to Pass Amnesty

Conservatism / Capitalism

From the top article below:

"My own definition of "Christian nationalism" would be this: An orientation for engaging in the public square that recognizes America as a Christian nation, where are our rights and duties are understood to come from God and where our primary responsibilities as citizens are for building and preserving the strength, prosperity and health of our own country. It is a commitment to an institutional separation between church and state, but not the separation of Christianity from its influence on government and society. It is a belief that our participation in the political system can lead to beneficial outcomes for our own communities, as well as individuals of all faiths."

Is there anything actually wrong with 'Christian nationalism'?

Tyranny / Communism / Socialism / Creeping Socialism

From the top article below:

"Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Harker followed with his own memo. He announced the objective for the entire Navy Department: nothing short of 'eradicating extremism.' How? By rooting out 'actions that betray our oaths' like promoting 'ideology' or 'doctrine' that challenges the 'gender identity and sexual orientation' agenda or advancing efforts that allegedly 'deprive individuals of their civil rights.'  In other words, advocating for the Biblical view of sex and marriage in law and policy is, according to today's armed forces, tantamount to oath betrayal."

From Soft Liberalism to Iron-Fisted Leftism in Today's U.S. Military

The fall of Chile is a warning to America

Capitol Outer Fencing to Be Removed This Weekend

MYSTERY: Anti-socialism memorial vanishes overnight

White coat supremacy in America

The American Police State Is Now Forming

Socialism 'Is Taking Root Here at Fort Pelosi' - Representative Mo Brooks Goes Off on Socialist Democrats

Pelosi, Capitol Police: Oh By the Way, There's No Actual Threat to the Capitol

Information Denial / Censorship / Social Media Censorship

From the top article below:

"Federal officials along the border, they say, have been verbally instructed—there is no official memo, no paper-trail—to deny all press requests for ride-alongs and refer all media inquiries, even from local reporters, to Washington. Officials responsible for gathering data about the number of illegal immigrants in federal custody, they say, have been told not to share that information with anyone to prevent possible leaks.  The blackout comes as the Biden administration continues to deny there's a crisis at the border, even as the number of migrant children detained by CBP soars, overwhelming federal facilities ill-equipped to house and care for minors. As of Sunday, CBP had more than 4,200 minors in custody along the border, a record."

The Biden Administration Is Imposing A Media Blackout At The Border

Biden issues gag order on Border Patrol, does all he can to cover up illegal alien surge

Biden Admin Restricting What Border Patrol Can Tell the Media About Migrant Surge

Photojournalist: The Biden policy keeping photographers from covering the border crisis is unprecedented

The Morning Briefing: Joe Biden's Humanitarian Border Crisis Becomes a Cover-Up While Kamala Harris Just Laughs

Facebook Confirms It Deleted Account For Suspected Boulder Shooter Containing Posts About Islam, Trump

Facebook Says It 'Limits' the Reach of Groups that Break Rules

Fauci Didn't Tell Sen. Paul He Funded China Virus Creation At Wuhan Virology Lab

Deception / Propaganda / Social Engineering

From the top article below:

"Haines divides 'domestic violent extremists,' or DVEs, into three categories; a graphic of the U.S. Capitol building sits atop the category entitled 'anti-government/anti-authority violent extremists.' That particular brand of terrorist, according to the report, is driven by their 'opposition to perceived economic, social, or racial hierarchies or perceived government overreach, negligence, or illegitimacy.'"

The Feds' Bogus Violent Extremists

Patrick Moore and the Agenda of Fear

Our Pandemic Response: Fear Trumps Liberty

Baghdad Bob at the Southern Border

Senate passes bill to combat Chinese Communist Party propaganda on campus

LEFTIST INDOCTRINATION: Military Leaders Very 'Concerned' that Troops Compare Jan. 6 to BLM Riots - Pushing for More Brainwashing to Train them on 'Right from Wrong'

Media's Entire Georgia Narrative Is Fraudulent, Not Just Trump Quotes

WATCH: Black woman slams Ohio school board for critical race theory indoctrination of students

China-Backed Confucius Institute Rebrands to Avoid Scrutiny

Attacks Against Conservatives

From the top article below:

"One individual in the training told me, 'The military is one of the last institutions left that hasn't been radicalized by the progressives. That's why it is being targeted now.'  All personnel are being subjected to a PowerPoint presentation packed with progressive ideology and misstatements of the Constitution. Designated officers are conducting the training on bases, stations, and ships at sea. The slides contain misstatements of the law and warped characterizations of fellow citizens who believe in constitutional principles."

Pentagon Materials Target Conservatives in the Military

Roberto Minuta was Jailed After He Went to DC to Provide Security for Speakers - That's When Antifa Targeted and Destroyed His Business - Now Roberto Needs Our Help

Is The US Military Being Purged Of Rightists?

DOJ Considering SEDITION CHARGES Against Patriotic Group the Oath Keepers Over Capitol Protest

USC College Republicans expose abusive messages sent to conservative students

The War On The Right Continues

Today's blacklisted Americans: California Democrats to blacklist all conservative or religious policemen

Loudoun County Anti-Racist Teachers Are Making Their Lists

Public school teachers plotted to destroy parents

Virginia Teachers and Public Officials Colluded to Demonize—and Even Hack and DOX—Parents Who Question Critical Race Theory

Elections / Vote Integrity

From the top article below:

"Sovereign crime means your government was a participant, active or passive, enabling vote fraud.  Governors and secretaries of state refusing to cleanse voter rolls, refusing to check signatures for mail-in ballots – even during recounts, changing the voting rules weeks before an election, qualifies as your government messing with your vote.  The national government refusing to investigate the most egregious examples of voter fraud like hundreds of thousands of more ballots than voters in several states, that is a pretty good indicator that they are passive participants in industrial level vote fraud."

The Sovereign Crime of Industrial Scale Vote Fraud

New emails deepen the mystery surrounding election night in Fulton County

Months after Trump complaints, some courts are finding irregularities in 2020 elections

'Who Are These Outsiders?' Big Tech $$$$ – Zuck Bucks – Paid Government Election Offices to Become Turnout Machines for Biden in 2020 Election

Michigan county rejects Dominion voting machines, hand count

Trump Was Right: Michigan Judge Rules State's 2020 Almost-Anything-Goes Ballot Signature Rule Was 'Invalid'

Trump Vindicated as Judge Rules Michigan Secretary of State Violated Election Laws

Antrim County in Michigan, Where First System 'Glitch' In 2020 Election Was Identified, Decides Not to Use Dominion Voting Machines in Upcoming May Election

Voters demand photo ID and reject weak Democratic substitute

24 More Charged in North Carolina Voter-Fraud Probe including Nearly 20 Illegal Aliens Who Voted in National Election

ODNI Releases Intelligence Community Assessment of Foreign Threats to the 2020 U.S. Elections

'Stolen Elections Have Consequences' - Peter Navarro on the War Room with Steve Bannon


From the top article below:

"The behavior of these 'woke generals,' as Carlson called them, should horrify Americans, regardless of their views on, say, women in combat. The fact that the II Marine Expeditionary Force later issued an apology doesn't change the reality that dressing down a journalist undermines the basic principle of civilian control of the military.  The armed forces serve at the direction of a civilian commander in chief and secretary of defense for a reason. The American people, not professional soldiers, ultimately decide military policy through their elected leaders."

A politicized US military should horrify all Americans

Our Military Suffers Yet Another Defeat… This Time to Tucker Carlson

The Military's Top Directive For March 17: With Every Decision You Make, Consider Its Effect On LGBTQ People

Forget China: Biden Wants The Military To Fight Climate Change And Racial Justice

Who Is Our Military's Enemy?

Biden Admin Halts Navy Operations, Orders Sailors to Undergo 'Chilling' Stand-Down Training

As always, I welcome any questions or comments you may have.

James Hull
King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia

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