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KGTP Newsletter - 08 March 2021

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

We had an absolutely fantastic meeting this past Thursday when candidate surrogates for the Kirk Cox for Governor campaign, Glen Youngkin for Governor campaign, and the Glen Davis for Lt Governor campaign presented their platforms and answered questions on behalf of the candidates.  Jason Miyares, who is a candidate running for Attorney General, addressed the audience personally.  I want to thank Ron McElrath, from the King George Republican Committee, for setting this up.

I also took the opportunity to address the audience to remind everyone that during our 1 April meeting we will hold an election for the KGTP Chairman.  During that meeting anyone wishing to address the audience will be provided time to do so and then we will vote.  Please give consideration to this opportunity and your chance to serve your fellow KG citizens as the KGTP Chairman.

In the compressed timeframe that I had (roughly 30 minutes) I stepped through the structure of subversion depicted in the graphic provided last week (see the KGTP Newsletter for 3 March 2021, also available here:  The first thing we did was to discuss the subversive activity that we can see in daily news reporting.  Here is the list of what was brought up as examples:

  • Financial Coercion: Banks not providing loans to conservatives. The MyPillow incident.

  • Political Corruption: Activities by various government agencies during the Trump investigations. Corrupt politicians that have yet to be held accountable for their actions, examples include Lois Learner and Hillary Clinton. Current House Bill HR1 that will corrupt the election process. Justice Ginsburg engaging in politics. Illegal aliens participating in elections. Bureaucracy cooperating with BLM and Antifa. FBI director Chris Wray saying there was no Antifa at the White House on January 6th when there is evidence otherwise.

  • Economic Corruption: Amazon, Google, and Facebook deplatforming conservative businesses.

  • Psychological Operations: Climate change. The majority of teachers in King George want to go back to school, but a small group of teachers is pressuring the School Board to keep schools closed. The US Military being taught Critical Race Theory. Confederate monuments are being denigrated. The lies in the news related to militias and the Second Amendment.

  • Deception: Benghazi because key decision-makers were led astray. The Supreme Court saying Texas and other states did not have standing to contest the election results.

  • Denial: Facebook denying information spreading / engaging in censorship. Poll watchers being denied access to ballot counting activities in Pennsylvania.

  • Intimidation: Governor of Texas looking at removing the mask mandate, the President threatens no vaccines. Black Panthers showing up at polls.

  • Emotional Coercion:  Commercials aimed at supporting illegal aliens. Instilling fear due to COVID to justify restrictions that scientifically don't work. 

  • Legal Coercion: Mask laws, shutting downs businesses who don't require masks.

  • Physical Coercion: Black Panthers at the polls. 

I then asked the members to offer suggestions for what we can do, both as individuals and as a group.  Here is the list of what was brought up as examples:

  • Volunteer to be a "poll watcher" to ensure the integrity of the election process

  • Initiate or volunteer to participate in voter registration efforts

  • Participate in meetings of Parents Against Critical Theory.

  • Speak the truth in your daily life. 'Each one, win one'.

  • Go to rallies and bring someone with you.

  • Do more than go to Tea Party meetings. Engage in local politics, including Board of Supervisors meetings, Budget Work Sessions, School Board meetings, etc. 

  • Run for political office.

  • Interact with candidates, get involved with campaigns, put up signs in your yard and stickers on your car.

I think the most important thing to do is to get knowledgeable about what is going on in the local, state, and national level.  This will lead to finding a "pet issue" to support and hopefully the initiative to get involved.  Where Republicans are most interested in supporting Republican Party candidates… TEA Party movement folks generally are more interested in advancing ideas… such as protecting individual freedom, ensuring fiscal responsibility, and protecting individual rights.  So find that issue you are passionate about and get involved!

Just an observation regarding the below 'data dump' of news:  Of all of the news articles below there are two in the Conservatism / Capitalism section that you really ought to read.  The titles of the two articles are:

  • Do We Even Have A Republic Anymore?

  • Essential Republicans and Conservatives: This Isn't an Ideological Debate - This Is a Political War

Both accurately capture the sense of what we Conservatives are facing under the Biden regime.  And now for some news you might find interesting….

TEA Party / Nationalism Movement

From the top article below:

"We serve pork.  We do not serve sheep.  So take off the stupid mask."

They're burning masks all over Idaho today…

Taxes / Taxed Enough Already

From the top article below:

"This tax hike 'adds a significant burden to gig economy and small business workers at the worst possible time,' according to TechNet spokesman Steve Kidera. One tax expert warned Roll Call that many struggling gig economy workers won't be able to pay the higher taxes, and that IRS penalties 'can destroy a person's life.'"

Democrats Just Snuck a $1 Billion Tax Hike on Workers Into Their COVID Bill


From the top article below:

"'I will not wear it on my face. I will not wear it anyplace. I will not wear it to get in. I will not wear it on my chin. I will not wear it on my ear. I will not wear it out of fear. I will not wear it. DO NOT ASK! I WILL NOT WEAR YOUR STUPID MASK!'"

Howie Carr: Coronavirus has the Karens and Biden voters cowering

Virginia's Unnecessary Ban on Food Containers Will Further Hurt Restaurants

CDC Claims Mask Mandates Don't Have Statistically Improved Impact on Spread of COVID Than No Masks At All - Will Therefore Continue Pushing Masks

CDC Study: Mask Mandates and Restaurant Closures Have Only Minor Impact on COVID Cases

20 Attorneys General Deem H.R. 1 Unconstitutional

Democrat-Led House Passes H.R.1, Aimed to Federalize U.S. Elections

37 Things to Know About H.R. 1, 'For the People Act'

National Debt / Its the Spending, Stupid!

From the top article below:

"A top GOP Senate source told The Daily Wire that Durbin is wrong because, according to the source, the Democrats' bill would give stimulus checks to migrants who come to the U.S. legally on an authorized work visa and then overstay their visa, which then makes them an illegal alien. However, while they are legally in the U.S. working, they may receive a Social Security number. The Social Security Administration states on their website that noncitizens are able to apply for Social Security numbers."

Democrats Reject Republican Attempts To Prevent Stimulus Checks From Going To Prisoners, Illegal Aliens

Since when does big government spending 'alleviate poverty'?

House COVID Bill Includes Paying Federal Employees Up to $21K if Kids Have No School

Washington can no longer ignore the coming Medicare crisis

Bloomberg: "600% Gain in Carbon Prices Vital to Rein in Global Warming"


From the top article below:

"The economy's 'rigging' has developed gradually over time and often from the best of intentions. When politicians, corporate executives, pundits, journalists, academics and activists alike propose ways to make society more just or efficient or globally competitive, they invariably call for some kind of government-corporate cooperation.  Such calls always seem to offer an answer for the public good, but in practice these arrangements inevitably drift into a self-serving collusion among those charged to cooperate."

The U.S. Economy Is Rigged
10% GDP growth? The U.S. economy is on fire, and is about to get stoked even more

First Amendment / Freedom of Speech / Freedom of Religion

From the top article below:

"SB 12  says social media giants 'may not censor a user, a user's expression, or a user's ability to receive the expression of another person based on: (1) the viewpoint of the user or another person; (2) the viewpoint represented in the user's expression or another person's expression; or (3) a user's geographic location in this state or any part of this state. (b) This section applies regardless of whether the viewpoint is expressed on the interactive computer service or elsewhere.'"

Texas Legislature Considers Bill to Ban Social Media Censorship

Texas Moves to Outlaw Big Tech Censorship of Opposing Viewpoints
Today's blacklisted American: Non-profit blackballs student for daring to defend free speech

Jack Phillips Is Still Fighting for His Free Speech in Court

Second Amendment / Right to Keep and Bear Arms

From the top article below:

"Since gun control advocates are not primarily concerned with crime, what truly motivates them to push for this legislation?  They will never admit it, probably even to themselves, but it is utter contempt.  They hold a deep, abiding contempt for traditional American values and a true hatred for the people who hold these beliefs."

Gun Control Is Not about Crime Control

Fourth Amendment / Right to Privacy

From the top article below:

"We have gone from praising the importance of anonymity during the Arab Spring to banning accounts for undermining faith in the NATO alliance in less than a decade, and that 180 too scares the heck out of me. The dramatic change is what makes me distrust these institutions, even more than the proposals themselves."

Total Information Provenance, A 180 From Big Tech's Values A Decade Ago

Abortion / Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

From the top article below:

"Arkansas is one of more than a dozen states that have introduced legislation that, through challenges by stakeholders in the abortion industry, could cause the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade."

Arkansas Lawmakers Approve Bill to Ban Nearly All Abortions

COVID-19 Relief Bill Provides Billions to Bail Out Abortion Industry

Corruption / Rule of Law

From the top article below:

"'This family is fused closely to the Chinese government,' Schweizer stated. 'In fact, her sister, Angela Chao, is one of the few foreign nationals that sits on the board of the Bank of China, which is the biggest bank — and most important bank — as far as Chinese economic statecraft is concerned.'"

Peter Schweizer: Elaine Chao's 'Family Is Fused Closely to the Chinese Government'

Confirmed: FBI Hired Known Drug Addict Stefan Halper to Set Up and Bring Down the President of the United States and Anyone Connected to Him

Ex-FBI boss has 'grave concern' FISA court was 'defrauded intentionally' in Russia probe

Elaine Chao Cited for 'Misuse of Office' by Inspector General

Ethics professor who advises Cuomo caught scrubbing nursing home deaths from report by health officials

Top Cuomo Aides Reportedly Altered Nursing Home Death Toll

Media Reports: Cuomo Aides Altered COVID-19 Nursing Home Death Data

COVID death data fraud

FOIA Release of McCabe Memo Highlights Much More Than Rosenstein's 'Wear a Wire' Controversy... - The Last Refuge

Biden's Commerce Secretary Owns Stake in WeChat Parent Company As White House Reviews Trump's Ban

OIG Declined to Take Up Ethics Charges Against Senate Majority Leader McConnell's Wife, Elaine Chao, Despite Democrat Insistence

Deep State Rod Rosenstein Now Admits He Talked with Andrew McCabe About Recording President Trump -- After Lying During Senate Testimony

National Sovereignty / Border Security / Illegal Alien Invasion

From the top article below:

"By ordering his subordinates in the Executive Branch to ignore or violate federal law, Biden is violating his obligations under the Constitution — the document that describes the beginning, middle, and end of his power.  The Constitution, at Article II, Section 1, states that '[t]he executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.'  Part of that executive power, as expressed in Section 3, is that 'he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed[.]'"

Biden's border policies violate his obligations under the Constitution

100K Migrants Apprehended at U.S.-Mexico Border in February

The new border chaos: a crisis of Biden's own making

'We Are Weeks Away From a Crisis on the Southern Border'

Border Official Warns Of Flood Of Unaccompanied Minors, Families Coming To US: Most 'In Over 20 Years'

Migrant Youth Pipeline to U.S. Surges Nearly 600 Percent Since Trump
Gov. Abbott Deploys Texas National Guard, State Troopers to Counter Biden's 'Open Border Policies'

Big Tech Getting 15% Discount to Hire Foreign Workers over Americans

Conservatism / Capitalism

From the top article below:

"Last month, doctors determined a series of seizures that Liza began suffering were caused by cerebral malformations that needed repair, said her mother, Elizabeth Scott. Always eager to help out and with an eye toward entrepreneurship after a childhood spent around a small business, the little girl volunteered to help raise money for her upcoming operation."

7-year-old Alabama girl helps to fund her own brain surgery

Tyranny / Communism / Socialism / Creeping Socialism

From the top article below:

"I think we implemented rules in the pandemic and what we saw even weeks before the election were voting procedures that were changed. And I don't think that was fair and I think that contributed to the ability for fraud to be perpetuated in any number of ways. And the most important thing, Maria, when we talk about election integrity, is that the American people believe that there is election integrity. And HR1 just doubled-down on the concerns that Americans have right now that elections aren't fair that they're being controlled and the outcome of one person, one vote isn't what we're seeing. And again, that's what happens in socialist countries."

"That's What Happens in Socialist Countries" – Former DNI John Ratcliffe Comes Clean — Discusses Last Minute Democrat Rules Change that Corrupted 2020 Election (Video)
A SWAT Team Destroyed This Innocent Woman's House While Chasing a Fugitive. The City Refuses To Pay for Damages.

Information Denial / Censorship / Social Media Censorship

From the top article below:

"The people behind the statue-toppling, the digital book burnings, and the street violence won't stop until all three of these things—history, ideas, and dissidents—have been destroyed. These are all impediments to their cultural revolution, and they mean to eliminate them.  So forget about Dr. Seuss. Forget about the statues and the books. Those things are just the beginning. It could easily get much worse. The woke revolutionaries of the left can't be bargained with or appeased. They believe this is a zero-sum game, that one side will win and one side will lose. And they're right."

The Cancellation Of Dr. Seuss Should Disturb You, Because You're Next
White House Cuts Biden Live Feed Again As He Offers to Take Questions After Covid Roundtable Discussion

Peak Cancel Culture? Don't Bet on It

And Then They Came to Cancel Pepe Le Pew

EBay to Ban Six Dr. Seuss Books for Violating 'Offensive Material' Policy

EBay Won't Let You Sell Canceled Dr. Seuss Books, But Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Is Okay

Book Banning in an Age of Amazon - The Truth Fairy

Cuellar: Feds 'Purposely Withholding' Immigration Data

Exclusive: Biden Admin Restricts Senior DHS Officials from Sharing Border Crisis Info with Reporters

Cancel Hitchcock: 'Psycho,' 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner,' Among the Iconic Films Turner Classic Movies Deems Problematic

YouTube Says Donald Trump's Account to Remain Blacklisted Until 'Risk of Violence Has Decreased'

YouTube Purges Trump's CPAC Speech, Suspends Right Side Broadcasting For Posting It

YouTube Blacklists Donald Trump's CPAC Speech, Suspends RSBN Channel

YouTube Removes Videos of Trump CPAC Speech

Deception / Propaganda / Social Engineering

From the top article below:

"If deprogrammers attempt to force progressive reality on them, they will question it, reference "the written law" or the dictionary, apply their own logic and reason, reach the opposite conclusion and label the deprogrammers as untrustworthy.  As long as written laws, copies of the Constitution, outdated dictionaries and other sources of information exist, Trump supporters will never be deprogrammed."

Deprogramming the Trump Voters
Chris Wray and the FBI's Outrageous Lies About Domestic Terrorism

Power and Political Investigations - The Reactionary

Byron York's Daily Memo: Developing some perspective on the Capitol riot

The January 6 'insurrection'

Capitol Police Chief And Democrats Are Lying To Hold Our Capital Hostage

FBI Official Says No Guns Were Recovered During Capitol Riot Arrests

Report: Capitol Rioters Armed with Bear Spray, Not Guns

Our Collapsing Culture: How 'The Church of Woke' Upends Language and Ends Debate

SATURDAY FAKE NEWS AWARD: NY Times Claims Black Lives Matter Protests in 2020 were Non-Violent -- Because $2 Billion in Damages Was Not Enough!

As the Insurrection Narrative Crumbles, Democrats Cling to it More Desperately Than Ever

NY Times Sounds The Alarm About U.S. Returning to Normal

Liberal Reporter On MSNBC Claims There Was No Violence In Left Wing Riots Last Year

"Earth's Oxygen is Rapidly Running Out…" We're Doomed!

Attacks Against Conservatives

From the top article below:

"'Right-leaning academics experience a high level of institutional authoritarianism and peer pressure,' reads the report's summary. 'In the US, over a third of conservative academics and Ph.D. students have been threatened with disciplinary action for their views while 70% of conservative academics report a hostile departmental climate for their beliefs.'"

STUDY: Academics systemically hostile toward conservatives

EXCLUSIVE: Retired Purple Heart Veteran in Arizona Who Dove In Dumpster and Found Shredded Ballots Is Now Being Threatened

Today's blacklisted American: Student blackballed for saying "a man is a man, a woman is a woman"

The Subtle Ways Academia Excludes Conservatives

Mother Says She's Being Targeted By California's Largest Teachers Union After She Pushed For School Reopening

Elections / Vote Integrity

From the top article below:

"So, combining "information compartmentalization" and firing squad 'diffusion of responsibility', it's not so hard to imagine how a national election could be stolen; given enough motivation, money and time...  While simultaneously doing it all so that no one person or group (...other than, perhaps, 'top leadership', that is...) has to feel totally guilty for doing it!"

How to get away with stealing an election

Early Indications Are That Ballots Found Shredded in Maricopa County Dumpster Are Completed Ballots from the 2020 Election

Supreme Court Dismisses President Trump and Attorney Lin Wood's Final Election Challenge Without Comment

Pelosi's election 'reform' would make 2020's chaos the norm

Joe Biden's Executive Order on Voting Tells Agencies to Push Vote-by-Mail, 'Combat Misinformation'

Early Indications Are That Ballots Found Shredded in Maricopa County Dumpster Are Completed Ballots from the 2020 Election

Ballots In Arizona's Maricopa County Found Shredded and In Dumpster - Days Before Senate Audit To Begin

Last Week the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Unilaterally Loaded Ballots onto Trucks and then Stored Them in Open in a Warehouse Ignoring Proper Safeguarding Controls

BIG NEWS FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE! Secretary of State Gardner Agrees to Forensic Audit of Windham's Voting Machines AND Ballots

Mail-in ballot fraud -- in Mississippi, it's real

Judge orders new election for Ward 1 Democrat runoff in Aberdeen

Why The Freakout Over Georgia Voting Bill Is Telling

UPDATE: Four Months After the 2020 Election in Georgia, Over 400,000 Absentee Ballots are Missing Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation, Yet Biden Was Given the State by 12,000 Votes

Two Paterson City Council Democrats Indicted on Voter Fraud Charges After Using Mail-In Ballots to Steal Election

As always, I welcome any questions or comments you may have.

James Hull
King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia

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