Saturday, August 29, 2015

Truth Team Digest: Obamacare, gun violence, Iran, and more

Truth Team
Diane --

You're one of the best messengers we've got in this movement. Here's some recommended reading that's easy to share. No fluff, just facts -- that's the Truth Team way.

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No, Iran is not allowed to inspect itself
The Hill // Mark Hibbs and Thomas Shea

As any landmark vote by a deeply divided United States Congress nears, stretching the truth to win hearts and minds is politics as usual. But what's being said and published in some quarters about how the Iran nuclear deal would be implemented has now spun out of control.

A better deal for Iran
The Hill // Dalia Dassa Kaye

It is critical for lawmakers to understand there will be serious consequences for rejecting the Iran deal. And those consequences look a lot worse for the United States and its partners than for Iran.

We're now averaging more than one mass shooting per day in 2015
The Washington Post // Christopher Ingraham

There's no easy fix to gun violence in this country. As gun rights proponents are quick to point out, municipalities with strict gun laws, like Chicago and D.C., see more than their fair share of gun crime. But it's nevertheless a fact that the level of gun violence we see in the U.S. is like nothing seen in other wealthy Western nations.

Warming Seas Rising Faster Than Predicted, NASA Scientists Say
BloombergBusiness // Alex Nussbaum

Global sea levels are rising faster than predicted as a result of warming temperatures driven by burning fossil fuels, according to researchers who now say an increase of at least 3 feet (1 meter) is likely "unavoidable."

Obamacare's Accountable Medicare Effort Saves Another $400M
Forbes // Bruce Japsen

A rapidly expanding healthcare delivery system that rewards doctors and hospitals for working together to improve quality reaped $411 million in savings for the Medicare health insurance program for the elderly, the Obama administration said.

EXTRA: Meet the digital professional fellows
The OFA Blog // Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara

The first class of OFA Professional Fellows just graduated. Read about their experience learning about digital content production and strategy--and what they're up to next.

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