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SAVE THE DATE - Loren Spivack, the 'Free Market Warrior' 12/9


ACTION ALERT - State Board of Elections (Again)

Manassas Tea Party's 5th Anniversary Event With Louie Gohmert

ATP Member Anna Urman (candidate for Delegate) Op-Ed


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SAVE THE DATE - Loren Spivack, the 'Free Market Warrior' 12/9

Loren got rave reviews at the seminar he gave us last year. Join us for a dinner program at the Harvest Moon in Falls Church.


Tea Party Patriots is taking a number of steps to stop the Iranian nuclear deal. TPP objects to the deal on Constitutional grounds - it is effectively a treaty and should be treated as such as set forth in the Constitution. We support TPP's efforts, because they further one of our core values - limited government under the Constitution. 

LETTERS TO CONGRESS - On next Thursday, August 27th, present plans call for ATP to hand-deliver letters urging 'no' votes to the district offices of Rep. Don Beyer (in Alexandria), Sen. Mark Warner (in Vienna), and Sen. Tim Kaine (in Manassas), ideally at noon. VOLUNTEER to be part of this group - send us an email at

SAVE THE DATE - On the afternoon of September 9th, TPP will stage a rally on Capitol Hill. More on this as we get the details.
- For those who want to participate further, Tea Party Patriots has developed a toolkit which contains talking points, social media posts, sample letters to the editor, etc. Download the Toolkit here - 

Tea Party Patriots is calling all activists to visit their local Congressional offices on Thursday, August 27, 2015, at noon, to urge their senators or representative to stop President Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal.Join us for one of our special training sessions, and learn how you can be more effective in your rallying efforts. 
FINAL NOTE - Some of the details may change. Look for at least one more mailing from ATP on all of this early next week.

ACTION ALERT - State Board of Elections (Again)

The recent proposed rule change to Virginia voter registration forms (which has been tabled) may only have been a distraction. 
Proposed regulations to effectively transfer many key duties and authorities of the State Board of Elections to the politically appointed Commissioner of Elections (currently a Democrat). The proposal will be voted on at SBE's meeting on September 1st.
This could result in the Commissioner unilaterally declaring any changes to the voter registration form the Commissioner wants, and that would only be the beginning of the potential mischief.
Please do what you can to publicize this matter and stop it from happening.  The registration form proposal was halted in part because so many irate Virginians showed up at SBE's August meeting.

The Law:

The Proposed Regulation Changes: Volume: 31 Issue: 15, General Administration (Proposed) page 1370 posted at 
The Proposal Before the Board: Begins line 164 of the Meeting minutes posted at

Manassas Tea Party's 5th Anniversary Event With Louie Gohmert
From Manassas Tea Party -
Hey Everyone,
       This is really exciting. Our 5th Anniversary Event is coming up next month and one of my heroes, Congressman Louie Gohmert, is going to be OUR special guest! Louie is one of the most fearless fighters for common sense, common decency and Liberty in all of American government. He is DESPISED and reviled by the Left but he just keeps on keepin' on. We're really doing this up right as you can see in the flyer

        Please make your reservations early (and get a nice discount) at As you can see, there are several ticket options, including a limited number of "Meet & Greet Tickets" where you can meet Mr. Gohmert and get a professional photograph with him.   For those who recently paid their membership dues and are eligible for a discount, a separate email correspondence will be sent to you as to how to obtain the discount. 

       SPREAD THE WORD to your Liberty-minded friends and join us to memorialize 9/11, celebrate our 5th anniversary, see Congressman Gohmert receive the MTP 2015 Freedom Fighter Award and watch the premiere of our Public Service Announcement. It's going to be a big night!
Dan Arnold, 
Chairman, Manassas Tea Party

ATP Member Anna Urman (candidate for Delegate) Op-Ed

Anna published an opinion piece in The Bull Elephant on August 7th entitled:
"Are Public-Private Partnerships the Answer to our Traffic Problems?"  
Anna helped us with our school lunch activism project earlier this year. She is running for the Virginia House of Delegates as a Republican in the 43rd District. ATP does not endorse candidates but does support those who align with our core values - limited government, free markets, fiscal responsibility - as Anna does.

Anna's campaign website, with Donate and Volunteer buttons, is here -
  • As a result of Tea Party Patriots protests on June 17th, four official co-sponsors were added to HR1953, Sen. Vitter's bill to end the Congressional Obamacare Exemption

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