Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rand is bracing for the worst


The field for the first of nine Presidential debates was announced last night, and despite the best efforts of many who would like to keep Senator Paul out -- Rand Paul will be on the debate stage tomorrow night.

But for daring to stand up and fight to end NSA spying and defund Planned Parenthood, the media is looking to skewer Senator Paul.

And I'm sure his Big Government opponents will try to pile on as well.

When Senator Paul takes the stage tomorrow night, he needs to know you'll be standing in his corner with him.

So please sign your Republican Debate Mandate before tomorrow night's deadline.

And please chip in a contribution of $20.16 to help Rand Paul show a surge of support and recent contributors before tomorrow night's debate.

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In Liberty,


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Subject: Bracing for the worst
To: Robert Alexander


The first of nine scheduled Republican presidential debates is set to kick off Thursday, August 6th in Cleveland.

With the field set, I know one thing is certain...

For daring to stand up to the Big Government status-quo in Washington, D.C., I know there are plenty of members in both the media and my own Republican Party who would love to diminish my campaign.

But for the life of me, I don't see how they can.

Not with polls showing me leading Hillary Clinton in key swing states like Colorado, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Hampshire.

But with all the funny business my campaign has already seen, I'm not taking anything for granted!

That's why I'm counting on you to please click here to sign your Republican Debate Mandate IMMEDIATELY.

With time running out before the debate starts, I can't begin to explain just how important your support is today.

A strong performance can catapult a serious candidate to the very top of the primary polls.

But a bad answer to a left-wing moderator's "gotcha question" can crush a leading candidate's campaign overnight.

And with no clear Republican primary frontrunner, the stakes are higher right now than ever before.

The good news is, the American people are flocking to my campaign in support of my strong stands to:

*** CUT TAXES AND SPENDING. We need to blow up our current complicated and confusing tax code and start over. My Fair and Flat Tax would eliminate the payroll tax -- the biggest tax most Americans pay -- return $2 TRILLION to the American people over ten years, grow our GDP by a whopping 10% and result in at least 1.4 million new jobs;

*** PASS TERM LIMITS to end the reign of career politicians in Washington, D.C.;

*** FORCE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS TO ACTUALLY READ THE BILLS THEY VOTE ON, and stop their habit of ramming thousand-page bills into law at the last minute before anyone knows what's being voted on;

*** REPEAL ALL OF OBAMACARE to stop the soaring health insurance premium costs, policy cancellations, shuttered hospitals and poorer quality healthcare that have all resulted from this outrageous federal takeover;

*** AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE to end the "print-now, ask-questions-later" policies that result in boom-bust economic cycles like the recent housing and financial crises;

*** PROTECT THE ENTIRE BILL OF RIGHTS. That means protecting our religious liberties, political speech, gun rights and our Fourth Amendment right to privacy from government spying.

But I'm afraid my challenge to the Big Government "consensus" in Washington, D.C. has made me a top target for Big Government members of BOTH parties -- and our national media.

I know media types like to masquerade as "objective."

But let's not kid ourselves.

For months now, media "experts" have spouted predictions that November 2016 will be a showdown between two candidates with yesterday's last names pushing yesterday's failed Big Government policies.

And then we learned that one news anchor - a past debate moderator and former Clintonista - was caught contributing $75,000 to Hillary Clinton's Foundation!

Knowing how strong my poll numbers are against Hillary Clinton, is it any wonder both the press and their Democrat allies have tried to attack me with everything they have?

They know I'm the biggest threat to the Big Government status-quo today.

They know the American people are ready to finally DEFEAT the Washington Machine.

And they know that the debates mark the first time many Americans begin to "tune in" to the presidential race.

That's why I'm bracing for the worst.

In the past, you and I have seen moderators attempt to skew debate outcomes by making themselves the story -- or doling out time and softball questions to candidates who most agree with their Big Government beliefs.

Is more of this madness in store?

I believe your action today can help decide that.

The more recent contributors my campaign can boast -- to go along with our strong poll numbers -- the harder it will be for our national media to engage in any more "funny business" -- or launch any more attacks and smears against me.

Not only that, but your generosity will help my campaign ramp up our grassroots efforts in the key early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

With your support, my campaign will be able to pay for everything from bumper stickers and palm cards, to pizza for volunteers, to campaign mail, email, social media, and even Internet and TV ads!

All of this, combined with strong debate performances and a feverish campaign stop schedule are what I believe it will take to WIN.

Robert, with your help, that's exactly what I intend to do.

But I can't defeat the Washington Machine without you.

So please sign your Republican Debate Mandate IMMEDIATELY to let me know you're standing with me during this most critical time.

And if possible, please chip in $20.16 right away.

I know that's a lot.

But I have a lot of work to do. And with the first debate right around the corner on August 6th, I MUST show a surge of recent contributors as soon as possible!

If $20.16 is just too much, please chip in at least $10.

I know I'm going to be walking into a lion's den when these Republican presidential debates kick off.

I'm counting on you to please stand with me.

Please click here to sign your Republican Debate Mandate, and chip in $20.16 IMMEDIATELY!

Chip in $10 immediately >>
Chip in $25 immediately >>
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In Liberty,

Rand Paul

P.S. With no clear Republican primary frontrunner, the upcoming presidential debates are going to be absolutely critical.

For daring to stand up to the Big Government status-quo in Washington, D.C., I know there are members of the media and my own Republican Party who would love to keep me out.

That's why I need to show a surge of new contributors to ensure my position is as strong as possible.

Please click here to sign your Republican Debate Mandate -- and chip in $20.16 right away!

Paid for by Rand Paul for President

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