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Tea Party Patriots Messages

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Hi all, 2 messages from Tea Party Patriots:

The first is a fund-raising appeal to put an ad on the air relating to Sen. David Vitter's efforts to end the special treatment under Obamacare for members of Congress and their staff.

The second is a survey to help determine what questions to ask presidential candidates on the campaign trail.  The idea is to get them ALL answering the same way, thus turning them all into Tea Party candidates.  The effort will stick to the questions for which there is the greatest support among Tea Partiers, hence the survey.

Please don't put this email aside. I need your attention immediately.

Entrenched Republican AND Democratic U.S. Senators are desperately trying to remain exempt from ObamaCare.


Make No Mistake! We still want to see ObamaCare repealed IN FULL, but until we have the right people in Washington, we need to do everything we can to make politicians live under the same bad law that they forced on us.


Just last week, five Republicans joined with the Democrats and voted to prohibit Senator David Vitter from issuing a subpoena to get to the bottom of this mess.


Tea Party Patriots has a hard-hitting TV ad ready to go on this issue.


But we simply don't have the money on hand right now to pay for the commercial air time.



If we can't raise another $22,846 by the end of this month, our ad will never be seen by voters across the country.
And the corrupt politicians will win.


There's no way around it, Chris. To get ObamaCare repealed in its entirety, we're going to need votes from Democrats in the Senate.


Making Senators and their key staff members live under this law will help raise the temperature for repeal INSIDE those Senators'offices -which is precisely why President Obama directed the OPM to give Congress its special exemption in the first place.
It's also why Senator David Vitter is fighting like crazy to pass this bill. 


The Ruling Class politicians are trying to classify their offices as "small businesses" in order to get around the ObamaCare law.


FIVE Republican Senators just voted with the Obama Democrats to block Senator Vitter's investigation into this scheme.
This is the most disgusting and crooked scam I've ever seen the professional politicians attempt.


That's why we produced this commercial. Voters across America must see it.


However, NO ONE will ever see this TV spot unless we can raise this $22,846 by the end of this month!



If we don't get this ad on the air, no will know that Congress is bending the rules to exempt itself form ObamaCare.
The liberal media won't report on this scandal. And the Establishment Republicans are in on the scheme!


It is 100% up the Tea Party and Senator Vitter to stop this madness.



I have nowhere else to turn. I'm counting on you!


Thank you so much for your continued support.

Your friend,


Jenny Beth
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As you have heard over the several months, Tea Party Patriots is preparing to launch the Yellow Card Project. Before we can do that, we need your input so we can finalize our issues for this project. 

It is an axiom of politics that the side that wins the communications battle is not the side with the better argument; it's the side that controls the subject of the argument. That is, controlling the subject of the debate is more important than determining the content of the debate. The Yellow Card Project is an initiative that will spotlight seven key issues that unite the majority of Americans, and drive them to the center of the nation's political argument over the next 18 months. By controlling the subject of the debate - making our nation's political leaders focus on the issues agenda we set for them - our principles and values will shape the agenda.


Our main objective is to encourage all candidates for federal office to adopt the issues and agenda that reflect Tea Party Patriots' values and mission - with a commitment to take specific action on each one by a date certain. It's only been a few years since our movement was born, but already we have run into the problem of politicians who say one thing to garner our support when campaigning, and then behave as if they'd never heard of us once they're in office. Consequently, we are not looking for simple statements of support or opposition; we are looking for hard commitments on tough issues.


Just as importantly, we want to use the Yellow Card project as a means to demonstrate to the American body politic - and, yes, even to reporters at The New York Times and MSNBC - that the Tea Party Patriots agenda has broad support among the American electorate. We have conducted research and reviewed the results with our Local Coordinators, so the issues that make it on to the yellow card will have broad appeal - not just among conservatives, but with a wide cross-section of American voters. The more candidates we get to agree with our key issues - and the more an educated citizenry learns about our issues of concern, and the TPP agenda - the greater chance of building a strong mandate for action as we look toward October 1, 2017.


This project is designed to build on our strengths, and one of our greatest strengths is you. You are the heart and soul of Tea Party Patriots; you spread the message of the tea party movement to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and fellow voters. We need your feedback. Please take the time to fill out the survey (link below), and give us your final input. Help us shape the agenda for 2016 and beyond.

In liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots National Support Team



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