Thursday, April 23, 2015

FACES OF THE GOP: Nancy Dye, GOP Nominee for 21st Senate District

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The importance of the women in our Party cannot be overstated.  Over the past several years, our Republican women have been leaders in government, our Party and in their communities.  One example of the outstanding Republican women we have here in Virginia is the next Senator from the 21st District, Dr. Nancy Dye.

Nancy is an accomplished physician and entrepreneur. She is the proud wife of Dr. Kevin Dye and mother of three children.  Nancy is a retired surgeon and Kevin maintains a successful practice as a gastroenterologist.

Nancy and Kevin were co-founders of a very successful medical device manufacturing company, bringing several products to market and participating in research which led to their business partner and friend being awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. 

We all know how controversial healthcare policy has been the past few years.  To say Nancy is uniquely qualified to tackle this difficult issue is an understatement. When she is in the Senate, she can view this issue from the perspective of a doctor, business owner, and patient.

I have no idea where she finds the time considering her impressive professional and personal life, but Nancy is amazing in that she also gives back to her community.  As a dedicated civic leader in Roanoke and the surrounding area, Nancy serves on the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors, the Hargrave Military Academy Board of Trustees and serves as Chairwoman of Roanoke’s Mill Mountain Advisory Board.  Nancy also volunteers at the Northwest Child Development Center and in the past has served on the boards of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Ferrum College and the Military Family Support Center as well as the local crisis pregnancy center.

“I am so excited to be running for the 21st District Senate seat and I see it as a natural extension of my decades of service to the community,” said Nancy.  “I think my experience as a surgeon and small business owner makes me uniquely qualified to serve the citizens of the 21st District.”

I see Nancy as an example of a new era when Republican women start winning elections for our Party in Districts we otherwise would be hard pressed to win.  Strong, accomplished, conservative women like Nancy are the reason why our Party has a bright future. I hope you will join me in doing everything you can to get Nancy elected to the Virginia Senate.  Donate $5, $10, $25 or $50 now to help us put RPV staff on the ground in Nancy’s District to win this race!  Or, contact the campaign at to find out how you can volunteer to help Nancy. 

For more information on Nancy and her campaign, visit her website at

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Let’s Be Republican First!


John Whitbeck

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