Saturday, April 4, 2015

Faith-Based Edition: What Do American's REALLY Think About Jesus? -

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Firewire from THE BLAZE April 04, 2015
Ann Coulter Challenges Christians: 'Go Out And Fight!'
Conservative commentator Ann Coulter decried the silence of some Christians in light of what she believes are overt liberal attacks on faith and conscience, imploring believers to have "courage" during an appearance on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Thursday night. Watch the "O'Reilly" interview HERE.
Lone Survivor Found After Jihadists Slaughtered 148 Christians
A survivor of the killings at Garissa University College was found on Saturday, two days after the attack by Islamic extremists killed 148 people. Learn what the teenager did to avoid being executed HERE.

As debate continues to rage over the viability of religious freedom laws, the Rev. C.J. Conner of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Dodge City, Kansas, has detailed a plan that he says would help both congregations and business owners be a "bit smarter" about protecting their right to refuse wedding-related services to same-sex couples. Learn the pastor's plan HERE.

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Rand Paul, a Republican senator from Kentucky and a prospective 2016 presidential contender, told religious leaders at a private prayer breakfast last Thursday that they "have a role and a place [in government]." Read what Paul said to the faith leaders specifically about the First Amendment HERE.

More than 90 percent of Americans believe that Jesus Christ was a real person and nearly six-in-10 endorse the biblical sentiment that he was God, according to a new report. And with 56 percent claiming to believe that Jesus was Lord in human form, it's interesting to note how people responded when asked whether they believe he committed any sins. Learn the results of the poll HERE.

A Brazilian model who almost lost her life following botched injections to make her thighs more curvy has announced that she's now an evangelical Christian who won't be donning overtly sexy outfits. See photos and read the model's faith-full message HERE.
Shocking Projection: What World Religions Could Look Like In 2050
The theological make-up of the world's population is going to change in profound ways over the next four decades, with one particular religion potentially matching the size of Christianity by 2050, according to projections. And If current trends persist, it's reported that there will be a surprising decline among two other groups worldwide. Learn more HERE.
'The Story Did Not End At The Cross': Show Explores Faith's Origins
Famed TV producer Mark Burnett and actress Roma Downey are gearing up for the release this weekend of "A.D. The Bible Continues" -- a 12-week re-enacted series that will take viewers through the biblical story of Christianity's beginnings. Watch a clip from the series and listen to Burnett and Downey discuss "A.D." on The Church Boys HERE.

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"Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson candidly discusses her personal struggles and offers fans insight into the biblical lessons that have helped build and shape her confidence in a viral video that you can watch HERE.

Check Out Who Will Play The Apostle Paul In Big Hollywood Feature
A faith-based film project centering around the life of St. Paul is in the works -- and an actor who has starred in a plethora of well-known films as diverse as "Les Miserables" and the "X-Men" series is set to reportedly add the title character to his resume. See the actor and find out more about the major motion picture HERE.
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