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alexandria tea party
ATP Meeting 4/14
Sharia: Europe's Last Stand, America's Final Warning 4/16
Northern Virginia Regional Tea Party Conference 4/17 & 18
Jenny Beth Martin:
Uncontrolled Immigration and the Constitution 4/21
2nd Annual Liberated with Truth Conference 4/25
Protect the 2nd Amendment: No Article V Convention 5/1


ATP's School Lunch Project - Final Report
Updates from Tea Party Patriots
Trevor Loudon ("The Enemies Within") Movie Fundraising





ATP Meeting 4/14

School Constitutional Education  Come to the ATP April meeting to find out how you can make a difference in our schools with a proven program! 

Emily Voss from the Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution at Montpelier, Virginia, will provide the details about a national education program they manage in Virginia and the District of Columbia called "We the People".

Tuesday April 14, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Sherwood Regional Library
2501 Sherwood Hall Ln.
Alexandria, VA 22306-2799





Sharia: Europe's Last Stand, America's Final Warning 4/16 
Event Sponsor: Act for America NoVa Chapter
n.b. - ATP has had two programs on sharia in the belief that it constitutes a threat to the U.S. Constitution and ATP's core value of limited government.
At this event, watch the extended showing of the movie and personally meet the director and producer Martin Mawyer. (Copies of the full two- hour long DVD movie will be available for purchase)


Featuring Director & Producer

Martin Mawyer

Founder of Christian Action Network 

Thursday April 16, 2015 7-9 PM

Hampton Inn, 22700 Holiday Park Dr., Sterling, VA 

Europe's Last Stand is a shocking and graphic documentary by an American film company that examines the Islamic invasion of Western Europe and its threat to European democracy, freedoms, culture and history.

A continent that once gave birth to the greatest advances in world civilization is now on the verge of being extinguished by an unmatched foe of religious zealots who are on a quest to establish an Islamic Caliphate over Europe.

Read what a prominent Christian publisher wrote after a private showing of the movie at the exclusive Trump Palm Beach Resort of Mar-A-Lago last month. The article entitled "If you love God See This Film" Can Be Read HERE

Now, for the first time ever, Europe's Last Stand uncovers the Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest in an extraordinary film that documents the Islamic strategy for dominating Western Europe!

The film is presented in five parts, revealing each of the Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest: Infiltration - Imams - Isolation - Islamization - Implosion.

Europe's Last Stand is an epic film about the heroes and villains, the champions and quitters, the bold and the weak in this life-and-death struggle for the heart and soul of Western Europe.

With over four years in the making - covering over a dozen European countries visited - Europe's Last Stand is the most authoritative film ever produced documenting the rise of Islam in Western Europe.

Violence...Protests...Arrests... they are all joined together with scores of eyewitness and expert testimonies from politicians, activists, business owners and everyday citizens to tell the story of Europe's Last Stand.

ACT NOVA Members $10.-

Non-Members Welcome $15.-

One -Year Membership - Admission included - $25.-


Important Note: Attendance at ACT Nova events requires an RSVP in advance. First time prospective Non-Member attendees must receive an e-mail confirmation from ACT Nova indicating that seating will be available. In addition, a government-issued ID that matches your name on the confirmed attendee list must be presented at the door for admission. Audio or visual recording, without permission from ACT Nova, the event organizer and the speaker(s) is strictly prohibited. We are a private organization and all attendees are guests of the ACT Nova Chapter.



Northern Virginia Regional Tea Party Conference 4/17 & 18


Waging Winning Politics
for Accountable Government 
Use this link for official registration and updated schedule 
Use promo code NVaTP for a $30.00 discount
(code expires midnight 04/14) 
After Lunch Pass Discounted $20
No promo code needed for After Lunch Pass
Optional FREE Welcome Reception: Friday, April 17, 2015 7pm to 9pm
Welcome reception does not require ticket purchase.


Conference: Saturday, April 18, 2015 - 8am to 7pm
Banquet 7:30pm to 10pm
(Banquet Tickets Sold Separately

Featuring: KCarl Smith

Mastering the Language of Liberty to Expand the Movement
Founder and CEO, Frederick Douglass Republicans


Matthew Boyle
Citizen Journalism: Turning Up the Heat

Investigative Journalist, Breitbart News

John Whitbeck
Unifying Around Conservative Principles
Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia

Ibn Warraq
The Challenges that the West Faces from the Islamist

Noted Author


Martha Boneta

Effective Advocacy when the Deck is Stacked Against You
Freedom Farmer, advocate for farm freedom & property rights.


Julian Walker
Fighting the War On Energy - Defending America's Future
Presenter for Energy Citizens

Americans for Federalism

The Neutral Tax


Northern Virginia Tea Party:

Debate on Article V Convention (PM Breakout)


Master of Ceremonies

Ron Wilcox
Organizer, Northern Virginia Tea Party


Banquet Speakers

Dean Clancy

Sr. Healthcare Policy Expert 
KCarl Smith
Founder and CEO FDR




Jenny Beth Martin:

Uncontrolled Immigration - Does it Cross the Constitutional Borderline? 4/21 
Co-Founder of Tea Party Patriots
Event Sponsor: Ronald Reagan Lecture Series

For decades, the debate has raged about our policies regarding illegal immigration and how we should fix the problem at the border. The current administration has unilaterally implemented the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  The result is that local law enforcement in those border states are left with the impossible task of trying to protect their communities while dealing with rape, assault, drugs, and sex trafficking that are ravaging those communities and harming immigrants.


  • Is our Federal Government facilitating this human tragedy by enticing people to cross illegally?
  • Is what you are being told about the border consistent with what is really happening there?
  • Would our founders accept the current state of immigration "reform" and amnesty by decree ? 
  • Is uncontrolled immigration crossing the constitutional borderline?   

Join us to learn Jenny Beth's perspective on how current policies are affecting our border today and our nation tomorrow.


Tuesday April  21, 2015 7:30 - 9:00 PM
Embassy Suites
Dulles North
44610 Waxpool Road
Ashburn, VA 20147   


Free Admission to the Public

RSVP Here or on Event Brite

$10 suggested donation to cover meeting costs
Donate here 
 or at the door
Donations are tax deductable







2nd Annual Liberated with Truth Conference 4/25

Shades of Deception - Elevating the Dignity of Women


Have you ever wondered how and why  the culture shifted to embrace a film like "50 Shades of Grey"

Dr. Judith Reisman will explain as we elevate the dignity of women at our 2nd Annual Liberated with Truth Conference - Shades of Deception. She will uncover what spawned the global sexual pollution of classroom and institutions, our print, broadcast media and indeed, the internet.

Terry Beatley, President and Founder of Hosea Initiative, will present the national vision for Hosea Initiative. In addition,  Rachel Campos Duffy, National Spokesperson for The Libre Initiative, will deliver a special message, as well as, Hosea Initiative team members: Leslie Davis Blackwell, Tricia Powell, and Nancy Schulze.

Other speakers include: Bev Tauke, L.C.S.W. (pictured below) and James Berkon

The time has arrived to RESERVE your seat! We look forward to seeing you!   




Protect the 2nd Amendment: No Article V Convention 5/1  




** RSVP No later than Wednesday, April 29 

  Indicate how many are coming.

You will need to pay by cash at the registration table. No checks or credit cards will be accepted. I will pay the restaurant at the end of the evening. There is an all you can eat buffet and the $15 includes the dinner, soft drink, taxes, tip and use of a private room. I am not funded by any organization.

Thank you!

Sevil Kalayci

Virginia Liberty Project Chapter Leader     





ATP's School Lunch Project - Final Report


Keep Your Rules Off My Nuggets! 
- An Open Message to America's High School Students

We posted our message on ATP's website -  
We sent about 120 different tweets to about 180 young people already tweeting on the subject -


We got several retweets, favorites, and new followers.


Tea Party Youth publicized our efforts.

We'll be on the lookout for similar opportunities in the future.



Updates from Tea Party Patriots


Thank elected officials who have helped us:


Monday Legislative Updates:
Webinar registration link - (most Mondays at 1 p.m. ET)
Audio and full text -


Daily News Briefings:



Trevor Loudon ("The Enemies Within") Movie Fundraising

Internationally-recognized expert Trevor Loudon has spoken to ATP twice. He has an important message all Americans need to hear about the far Left's activities on Capitol Hill and elsewhere. He is raising funds to make a movie. You can donate here -     

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