Thursday, October 31, 2013

They Said It Couldn't Happen

Liberals are now realizing that ObamaCare has problems, and "delay" is no longer a dirty word.
Citizens for Self-Governance


We never thought we’d see this.

Remember when liberals were willing to shut down the government to protect their precious
ObamaCare? Now, even Democratic Senators realize "delay" is no longer a dirty word.

Even the liberals at Saturday Night Live are mocking the ObamaCare rollout.

Plus, would you believe Obama’s web designers forgot to do this?

CSG founder Mark Meckler asks, “Will Republicans Blow Their Historic Victory?”

Bullying no longer just happens in school hallways. It comes from the top.

This Duck Dynasty star has a unique perspective on self-governance.

Now that the ObamaCare rollout is one of the most epic failures in American history, people from all walks of life are questioning the ever-expanding role of government.

The momentum is growing. Support self-governance.

The CSG Team

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