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GOTV Efforts - Don't Let Them Outwork Us

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Overheard from a lib - 'I'm driving doorknockers to and from McAuliffe headquarters all day Saturday and Sunday, and I'm working from 1 to 6 on election day to get our voters out....'


Friends of Liberty, don't let our opponents outwork us.


Recent polls have Ken Cuccinelli within 1-4 points.


90 percent of success is showing up.


Let's not lose this election because we didn't knock on enough doors or stayed home on election day.


We get the government we deserve.  


Get out there, and be sure to vote!


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GOP Victory Center

Help on Election Day

A Referendum on Obamacare


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GOP Victory Center


Go to the Arl/Alex GOP Victory Center on Glebe Road in Arlington to make phone calls on behalf of the Cuccinelli - Jackson - Obenshain campaign.

Arlington/Alexandria Neighborhood Office
405 South Glebe Rd.
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 571-226-6043
open from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday-Saturday from now until Election Day   


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Help on Election Day


The Arlington GOP is passing out sample ballots at the polls on Election Day, this Tuesday, Nov. 5 -- from 6 AM to 7 PM -- in 52 polling locations around the County.  

Please help elect our statewide ticket by signing up for one or more 2-3 hours shifts if at all possible.


If you're willing to help, please fill out this brief form -


or contact Jason Murphy at 202-507-9294 or



Thanks for your help!


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A Referendum on Obamacare


From Virginians for Quality Healthcare -


Dear Fellow Virginians.


In 6 days we will have the opportunity to vote for our state delegates and the statewide offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General. Quinnipiac now has the race for governor closing to 4 points.



VQH urges you to please vote for the candidate who will do his utmost to protect Virginia from the ravages of Obamacare, and has a track record of doing just that. This is not the time to sit out, this is not the time to make a "pox on both their houses" statement. This is the time make sure freedom will survive in the Commonwealth. The news media will also make it a national issue, so what happens in our state will affect liberty across the country. We must do our best to stop candidates who want to impose government-run healthcare on us.



We also ask you to do everything you can in the next days to help out the candidates of your choice - knock doors, make phone calls, donate, spread the word on the internet and to all your friends and networks.

Virginians for Quality Healthcare has a policy of not endorsing candidates. However, we can tell you what we know to help you decide.



Here's what we know about the major candidates for Governor:



Terry McAuliffe (Democrat): 


    Huge supporter of Obamacare, wants to go even farther into state-run healthcare.
    Also, this summer, McAuliffe declared that he would not sign a budget which did not include Medicaid expansion. 
    In other words, he would hold Virginia hostage to his demands.
    Has huge support from people outside the state who want to decide Virginia's future. This includes former Pres. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton (first proponent of government-run healthcare, Hillarycare), President Obama, Michael Bloomberg (pro-Obamacare and wants to take away our 2nd Amendment), George Soros, socialist billionaire, and many in Hollywood.


Ken Cuccinelli (Republican)


    As Attorney General of Va, filed the first lawsuit opposing Obamacare, and won in federal district court. We all know what happened later when cases were combined, but Cuccinelli won his case and has been an ardent opponent of the Obamacare disaster. Has extensive knowledge of Obamacare and its dangers. Career has demonstrated a pro-liberty stance.


Robert Sarvis (Libertarian Party)


    Website  states that he opposes Obamacare.
    Positions are confusing as he told reporter Chuck Todd that he favored Medicaid expansion, does not favor tax cuts, and favors a miles-driven tax:


Has not held elected office or run a major organization, and has no demonstrated experience working against Obamacare.



Regardless of next week's outcome, Virginians for Quality Healthcare will be increasingly working to educate the general public about the perils of Obamacare, and will promote better ways to help our healthcare system.  If freedom is to thrive, it's up to us.


Thank you.


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