Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reality happened

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Two weeks ago, the Democrats were willing to shut down the government to protect ObamaCare. Now, twelve Democratic Senators are seeking to delay the President's "signature" health care law. What happened? Reality happened. More people are losing health insurance than gaining it, and the online exchanges just don't work. As always, we're on the front lines fighting ObamaCare, the IRS, and angry atheists. Please read the updates below.

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Dear ObamaCare, Meet

We had a bit of fun launching our latest attack on ObamaCare.

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Is in 'De Facto Shutdown'?

Are the online exchanges at a standstill?

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A Dozen Democrat Senators Now Demand Delay of ObamaCare

Two weeks ago they loved ObamaCare. What happened?

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Obama's Fingerprints All Over IRS Tea Party Scandal

The President's role was hiding in plain sight.

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"So help me God" The Latest Target of Anti-Christian Proselytizing in the Military

Angry atheists target a military oath.

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