Friday, October 29, 2021

We're Supreme Court Bound!

Today the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit denied our motion for a preliminary injunction in our New York healthcare workers lawsuit, that would have stopped the unconstitutional New York health department regulation from taking effect while our lawsuit plays out in court. The court issued this order without an opinion (though one is expected shortly). This means that, for the moment, the State of New York can once again discriminate against healthcare workers by denying them the opportunity to even request a religious exemption to the covid shot mandates, let alone be granted one.

But we aren't taking this lying down. As we promised you from the start, we are going to see this all the way through to the U.S. Supreme Court. Tonight our lead attorney on this case, Cameron Atkinson of Pattis & Smith LLC, is already hard at work crafting arguments as he prepares to file an emergency application for injunctive relief with the nation's highest court. Although unfortunately the Supreme Court denied a similar petition filed on behalf of Maine healthcare workers just today, we have legally distinct arguments from that case. We are far from defeated.

We are asking all of you to first and foremost pray for us as we prepare for this battle. We would also greatly appreciate it if you would consider a donation to our organization. In addition to the New York healthcare workers lawsuit, we have several other cases we are bringing throughout the county, and we have plans for many more. Only your support will make that possible.

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