Friday, October 22, 2021

Mandate deadlines are approaching

Send a message calling for freedom!

There's momentum in pushing back on the Vaccine Mandate

Federal workers and military members have a looming date to be vaccinated or reap the consequences. Many are being told they will not only lose their job, but also their pension, their healthcare, and qualification for unemployment. 

But praise God--many people are pushing back nationwide!  Lawsuits are being filed on behalf of  healthcare workers, unions are not embracing it, pilots and airline employees are standing up for freedom and against the mandate. 

Freedom to choose weather you want to take any kind of medical treatment is critically important. If they can require us to take a vaccine or lose your job, what is next?

Click below to send a message to your elected officials - say NO to the vaccine mandate! Say no to authoritarianism and say YES to freedom!


One more action item--have you signed onto the Appealing for Life prayer going to the Supreme Court?  Click here to sign your name and participate in Appealing for Life.  Reach out to a friend and invite them to sign and send their prayer as well!

For freedom!

Dave Kubal


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