Friday, October 9, 2020


Dear Robert ,

November 3 could be the most significant election in American history. 

I know we have been hearing something similar every four years for a while now. That is because every four years the stakes are higher, the danger is greater, and we are closer to what could be a tipping point in the transformation of America from a free constitutional republic to totalitarian state. 

I know that we won't wake up the morning after the election, if - GOD FORBID - Joe Biden gets elected, and suddenly the Constitution is suspended and we are declared a socialist state. What concerns me is that we could one day look back on the 2020 election and say, "That was it. That was when we lost America."

The Left's dream is our nightmare. Democrats are hoping, wishing, gathering their witches to cast spells, sending their celebrities out to create a blue sweep. They want the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. They want to close down the economy and lock down the American people.

They want to divide and conquer. It is not enough that we are equally loved by our Creator. They want to engineer a government imposed economic equality and social equality that will require a police state to implement. The Democrat Party is the enemy of the Judeo-Christian principles of hard work and personal responsibility. They want guaranteed income for people who won't work, and a forced scheme of national wealth redistribution to steal from those who do work. 

They want all of us to learn to obey our elite masters. After all, they know best. In return for the loss of our freedom, we will be granted false security, mediocre government healthcare, rescue from the apocalyptic climate change that according to AOC will destroy the planet in just 12 years. Well, eleven years now. A year has passed since AOC started the clock ticking to the end of the world. These people will destroy America as we know it - our free constitutional republic - and replace it with a socialist state.

This is not an election between two candidates, or even two political parties. It is not merely an election between two very different philosophies or world-views. This is a spiritual battle between the forces of darkness and those of light. This is a war between good and evil, God and the devil.

One of the most insidious weapons Democrats as using is racial demagoguery:

All white people are perpetrators of racism, except of course "progressive whites" (communists) who hate America. All "people of color" are victims, even black millionaires and billionaires like LeBron James, Oprah Winfrey, and Spike Lee.  

Just like Satan himself, lies are their stock in trade, creating division is their preferred activity and violent conflict is their desired outcome. That is why Christians for the President political action committee is running ads in battleground states. We are combatting the lies and exposing the evil. With only 26 days left, we need your most generous contribution today. 

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Kamala Harris will be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Yet with 570 riots having occurred in 220 locations in the last three months, she said about the chaos in the streets of our cities:

"They're not going to stop, and they should not."

A person who thinks like that should be nowhere near the presidency. That comment is irresponsible, and the only reason she got away with it is that the media are nothing more than propagandists for the Democrat Party. Biden and Harris can do no wrong. President Trump and Vice President Pence can do no right. The Left is power hungry and full of hatred against patriotic Americans and against America itself. They must be stopped, and the showdown is coming on Tuesday, November 3rd.

People criticize the President for the way he talks and his toughness. One of the reasons he got elected is that people are tired of mealy mouthed politicians parsing words and taking polls. They wanted someone who would stand up for them and for our country. That's what Donald Trump is doing, and he is doing it for everyone, regardless of skin color. He's a New York builder who might ruffle a few feathers, but he keeps his word and gets his job done.

What a contrast. Joe Biden has plagiarized speeches, allowed his son to cash in on having a Dad in high office and submitted his campaign to socialist Bernie Sanders and radical AOC. He has spent his entire career feeding at the public trough. Politics is the only thing Biden knows. 

President Trump on the other hand has spent his life in the private sector and built one of America's most successful businesses. He has kept his promises to grow the economy, build the wall, rejuvenate our military, and make America energy independent. He has accomplished more for the American people in four years than former Vice-President Biden has in almost fifty. This election is not about personality, but performance.  It is not about the faux outrage of the media commentators, but about the future of America's next generation. Your contribution today will help us remind Americans of what is at stake - EVERYTHING! 

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Will we have vision or division? Will we be governed by the Constitution or tyrannized by crazy leftists like AOC? Will we have a dynamic economy of free enterprise or a planned economy of socialist stagnation? Will our police officers be able to keep our communities safe or be attacked by criminals and abandoned by local politicians? Will our Flag be allowed to fly high or be trampled underfoot?

This is the choice we face, and Ronald Reagan said decades ago, "This is a time for choosing."

Thank you for the choice you've made. Now let's follow through, all the way to the voting booth with as many as we can take with us. 

God bless you and your family, and may He bless us to emerge from this time of crisis stronger and better than ever, that shining city on a hill whose light will never be extinguished because we believe in God, in our country and in one another.

For God & Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr.

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