Friday, May 8, 2020

Patriots......dust off the Declaration of Independence........CSA3

first a newsflash... you need to watch this video before they take it down

 it is quote a conspiracy video but it is extremely interesting and some of the facts that they lay out are so simple and so true. This is the video that everybody has taken down because it violates their Community content... I  do not know how long it'll stay up but it represents free speech And the old adage "I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." this is a video you need to watch... I can't say it's all true but it definitely is something you need to see.. God bless

If you don't have time to watch the whole video be sure to go to the 15-minute mark and get the information about how Medicare is paying $13,000 if docs qualify somebody as a Coronavirus admission and paying $39,000 if the person is put on a respirator ….you can now understand why many hospitals say call it  coronavirus if you can't determine what it is ….this is another giant rip-off of our tax money

Now CSA3   .......................Please share these emails 

Patriots we need to circle the wagons and dust off the Declaration of Independence/ we cannot continue to follow our federal government down the Rat Hole/ New York State's going to go the way of Detroit and San Francisco's already down there/ we need to do something that we can make work / we need to get the conservative States to join together and establish a Union within our Union/ we need to dust off our Declaration of Independence and we need to follow the Constitution as it was originally devised/ we have the ability through local law enforcement to enforce only the laws that are constitutional/ I hope someday we can replace the cesspool of special interest called Washington DC with the original intent of the seat of government/ I know this sounds like a dream but only dreams and hope keep us going/ if we can get these conservative States to join together  we can take our country back to 1900 before the progressives begun the procession of rotting our country/ a prime example is the Seventeenth Amendment where the state  governments  were taken out of the federal legislative bill process... these are the state  governments that gave up a little bit of their power to form the federal government/ I don't expect you to see the very same dreams as I do but the first thing we need to do is protect our conservative States and their voting power.

God bless


CSA2…….Secure the Conservative States


The key to guaranteeing our Republic is our ability to have free, fair and secure elections/ the turning point for me was when Virginia Recently negated our voter ID law thereby canceling my vote with an illegal vote/ it is imperative that we have free and fair elections so we must protect voter ID and vote security. 

At the present time we have a number of conservative States in which most conservative principles are followed/ we must protect these conservative States and the right to a free, fair and secure election.

Conservatives all over the country, of which there are many more than liberals, need to adopt and protect the conservative states that we have by supporting the conservative candidates in those States.

 In that way we all can have a hand in stopping the bleeding. 

Luckily our Republic is based on the principle that a minority can protect itself against the Oppression of the majority/ luckily we do not have a democracy in which 51% can oppress 49%/ our founding fathers were very brilliant in instituting a concept where 26% of the states can limit the actions of 74% of the states and also the few people in Vermont get as many Senate votes as the massive number of people in the state of New York.  This is why the Liberals want to do away with the Electoral College, then 51% of the popular vote can pick our president.  

So please learn about the conservative States and locate a place where you can help.  Even better if you're a conservative living in one of these deep blue States you can relocate to a conservative state and enjoy your newfound freedoms/ many are doing exactly that now.

 It is imperative that we protect these states...Please help...We must secure our right to free, fair and secure elections...The Liberals are pushing mail-in voting right now so they can take away this right. 

Your vote may no longer count in your state but you can make a vote count in one of these states.

God bless

CSA3 tomorrow

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CSA1......There is Hope...........the opening shot...


 I have watched over the years the Liberals and progressives slowly begin to rot our great Republic/ they've done it with same day registration/ restricting voter ID/ encouraging ballot harvesting and now they're talking about Medicare for all/ a guaranteed income/ open borders/ so I can see my Republic slowly rotting away and many of conservative like me Across the Nation don't know what to do/ how can we stop this takeover of our wonderful Republic

 well I've come up with an idea I think it will work and I think it will stop the bleeding and then restore our great Republic in a slow and positive way/ I will share more with you tomorrow 

God bless

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                "He who can take a punch …... rules his world!"

                                                                      John L. Pettengill

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