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Our first slate, decided by you:

Every single person I'm endorsing was suggested by you, Robert.
American Possibilities

Robert --

Several months ago, we launched American Possibilities -- a group dedicated to the proposition that there is no limit to what the American people can accomplish.

Part of our goal was to elect representatives who embody that spirit -- truly representing working Americans of all stripes.

I promised you then that you'd have an unprecedented level of involvement in deciding who we would work to help elect. Earlier this summer, I asked you to share which leaders and causes you most believed in -- the kind of folks you'd like to see in charge.

I was thrilled to hear from thousands of you. You shared personal stories and hopes for the future of the country. You told me about your local leaders and heroes, and what change you'd like to see in your community.

I'm proud to say that every single person on the first slate of candidates that I'm endorsing was suggested by you. Frankly, that's the way it should be.

Take a look at the slate -- and then chip in to help support them.


Manka Dhingra for Washington State Senate, District 45
Suggested by Alex, King County, WA
Special Election: November 7

A Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney with the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, award winning PTSA mom, anti-domestic violence advocate and community leader, Manka Dhingra is running for State Senate to address critical needs in education funding, mental health, violence prevention, and to protect the rights of women. And if she's elected on November 7, Democrats will gain control of the State Senate in Washington.

Doug Jones for U.S. Senate, Alabama
Suggested by Hilty, Birmingham, AL
Special Election: December 12

Doug is a lifelong Alabamian who served as the U.S. District Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama from 1997 to 2001 -- nominated by a Democratic president and confirmed by a Senate with a Republican majority. In this role, he led the investigation of the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, ultimately convicting two Klansmen for the murder of four innocent children. Doug will focus on what helps lift up Alabamians in the middle class and those working to get into the middle class: affordable healthcare, 21st-century skills for a 21st-century economy, and a living wage. Doug will lead with integrity and character -- the Senate does not need another extremist.

Justin Fairfax for Virginia Lieutenant Governor
Suggested by Sharon, Virginia Beach, VA
Election Day: November 7

As an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia and Deputy Coordinator of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force, he has seen up close how law enforcement and criminal justice reform keep communities safe. And as a small business owner with his wife, Dr. Cerina Fairfax, he understands the importance of strengthening and diversifying Virginia's economy. Without much money, Justin's mom defied long odds by sending all four of her kids through college -- and two through law school. Today, Justin is dedicated to public service so that he can help others gain access to the kinds of opportunities he had -- so they can pursue their own American Dream.

Danica Roem for Virginia House of Delegates, District 13
Suggested by Gail, Herndon, VA
Election Day: November 7

Danica is a 33-year-old stepmom, a local reporter and lifelong Manassas resident, and the first transgender person to ever run for the Virginia General Assembly. She's ready to govern with a results-oriented approach -- reaching across the aisle to help build a better Manassas, including addressing the transportation needs for her district Her opponent wrote an amendment banning same-sex marriage -- and, most recently, Virginia's "bathroom bill."

Judge Geoff Moulton for Pennsylvania Superior Court
Suggested by Maureen, Philadelphia, PA
Election Day: November 7

Geoff has devoted his career to teaching and public service. I've known him for years. Back in 1995, he testified before me in the Senate Judiciary Committee about his excellent report reviewing the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms raid on the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas. His investigation and report made a real difference in how law enforcement has handled similar cases ever since. One thing we've learned these last nine months is that judges matter. And we need more strong, independent judges like Geoff, especially at the state level.

Elizabeth Guzman for Virginia House of Delegates, District 31
Suggested by Carolyn, Fauquier County, VA
Election Day: November 7

Elizabeth came to the United States from Peru as a single mom, looking for a better future for her oldest daughter. Today, through hard work and determination, she's a community college graduate, public administrator, social worker, and court-appointed service advocate for children, working to prevent child abuse for those in vulnerable circumstances. This wife and mother of four is ready to fight as a strong advocate for the needs of the 31st District -- whether that's legislating for change in Richmond, or attending a community meeting in Catlett. If elected, Elizabeth would be the first Hispanic female elected to the legislature in Virginia.

Phil Murphy for Governor of New Jersey
Suggested by Alison, Rockaway, NJ
Election Day: November 7

Growing up, Phil's family lived paycheck to paycheck. He put himself through Harvard on loans and part-time jobs. From there, he worked his way up to learn how economies grow and create jobs to help lead a major international business. He helped start The New Start Career Network, providing free, personalized assistance to New Jersey residents, age 45 and over, who have been unemployed for six months or more. And as governor, he'll be accountable only to the citizens of New Jersey -- not special interests.

Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam for Governor of Virginia
Suggested by Claire, Loudoun County, VA
Election Day: November 7

Ralph Northam is an Eastern Shore native, a graduate of Virginia's public schools and Virginia Military Institute, an Army veteran, and a pediatric neurologist. He's a former state senator and the state's current lieutenant governor -- and he's running for governor to build on Virginia's economic progress and defend its values against those who want to take them back into the past.


I couldn't be more proud to support this group of people -- whose backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences are as diverse as our country itself. And that's the way it ought to be.

So if you're inspired and ready to elect these folks and help usher in a new wave of leadership for working Americans all around the country, then join us right now

Chip in to help these candidates -- and elect a set of leaders who represent us in every sense of the word.

Thanks. It is my true honor to continue fighting alongside you.



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