Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Inside Senator Kaine's new health care plan:

Tim introduced new legislation this week called Medicare-X that gives more insurance options to more Americans, so folks can choose an affordable plan that is best for their health.

We need to keep leaders like Tim in the Senate who will fight for legislation that puts people ahead of politics. If you support his reelection, pitch in $10 today to make sure we can build a smart, tough campaign.


Earlier this week, Tim introduced new legislation to create a plan called Medicare-X, which would expand affordable insurance options for folks across the country.

What is Medicare-X?

Medicare-X is a public plan that would offer families, individuals, and small businesses more low-cost health insurance choices.

Why is it called Medicare-X?

This legislation, the Medicare-X Choice Act, builds on the existing Medicare framework so that Americans can have a choice of an affordable, high-quality public insurance plan on the exchanges.

Why do we need Medicare-X?

Last week, President Trump signed an executive order that destabilizes our health care system and which could cause premiums to go up, people to lose their coverage, and insurers to be driven out of the marketplace. There's already a shortage of insurers and higher health care costs in some areas (especially rural communities), and this action from the President is only going to make things worse.

Medicare-X prioritizes these areas that are hit hardest -- and by 2023, it would expand to every single ZIP code in the country. By the following year, it would be added as another option for small businesses to opt into.

The bottom line:

Americans deserve more health care choices, at lower prices. By creating this permanent Medicare-X option, folks everywhere will be able to choose an affordable plan that is best for their health.

Tim won't stand idly by as President Trump sabotages our health care system. And while many congressional Republicans may continue their attempts to dismantle health care at every turn, we can't let that distract us. We need to build on the progress toward universal coverage that President Obama started seven years ago with the Affordable Care Act.

That's why it's critical that we keep leaders like Tim in the Senate -- leaders committed to introducing legislation that helps families, not willing to play politics with Americans' lives and livelihoods.

If you agree, make a contribution today to support Tim's reelection to the Senate. We can't afford to move backwards -- so chip in $10 or whatever you can afford, and say you're in for six more years of putting people above politics.

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-Team Kaine


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