Tuesday, July 25, 2017

CVTP --The Central Virginia Tea Party Press....... 7/19/17 ......... JUST SCAN THE TITLES FIRST ..... circulation 375+

CVTP --The Central Virginia Tea Party Press....... 7/19/17 ......... JUST SCAN THE TITLES FIRST ..... circulation 375+

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                "what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal"   2 Corinthians 4:18 

People could worship in peace, attend the university of their choice, travel wherever they wanted if they could afford to; police was there to protect and serve the locals;
 food was cheap, grocery stores were full; families were able to buy a home with a picket fence and pay it off before they retired;
 truth, hard work, and honor were qualities to be admired; the press was generally objective and covered the facts domestically and internationally;
 families raised their children to be patriotic citizens, and children respected their parents, teachers, elders, authority, and the law.
           -----------Things Have Changed Significantly in Forty Years

Food Stamps began in 1969, with 2 million users costing taxpayers just $250 million. It peaked at 47.6 million users in 2013, costing taxpayers $79.9 billion. 

Melinda Gates Commits $375 Million for Population Control, Abortion

Attorney General Jeff Sessions to issue a new directive to increase the number of police seizures of cash and property from individuals not convicted of any crime.

Mark Levin's newest book, "Rediscovering Americanism," has killed its competition .... BUT snubbed by the NY Times

If you will put Him first in ALL & EVERYTHING in your life, He will grant you peace & happiness forever.  Amen

The Social Security Administration issued nearly $200 million in improper payments by paying people twice for their benefits.

Bill O'Reilly is reportedly talking to Hannity about teaming up to bring their storied success to a new television network - Sinclair Broadcasting

While running for the oval office, President Trump noted to crowds how destructive NAFTA was to individuals, businesses, and states. Now he says he may keep NAFTA.
Trade deals, like regional govts agreements, supersede our currents laws and protections ... we must always be very careful.

On a lighter side ..... moments young boys do not forget ....................

Good article in many ways  ...   and  ...  once again "duct" tape saves the day

================LAST ISSUE========================= ===============

National Reciprocity - Exercising the right to protect yourself shouldn't be contingent upon what state you're in.

There is not a single person in congress who writes legislation or laws.


Mitch McConnell says Senate will vote on full repeal after bill failure ...... we need a blessing .... remember election day .... pray...

If the Most Powerful was/is a servant, why aren't we? ...... Givers get much more reward than receivers. ....

Pro-refugee George Clooney moving family back to U.S. over fears England has become too unsafe with too many terrorists

Media Ignores Virginia Gov. McAuliffe's Role in Green Car Scandal that Fleeced Taxpayers out of Millions

Often something seems unfair and beyond your control - "lean not on your own understanding"

The New Civics sweeping colleges and K-12 teaches students to look for grievances, then agitating for bigger government to address them.

Who is an American, who is un-American, and who is anti-American. There is an easy way to tell: Use the Declaration of Independence as your guide. 

Most DC Republicans & it seems most DC Democrats are the UniParty (committed to getting re-elected and rich - on OUR money)

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"The US Government borrows $50,000 more every second ....... Uncle Sam is your Uncle, not yo' Daddy ."

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