Saturday, July 15, 2017

A personal message from Cliff Hyra, Libertarian for #VAGov

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A personal message from Cliff Hyra,
Libertarian for Virginia Governor

Dear Friend of our campaign:

Thank you so much for your support and for your contributions when I needed your help to ensure I made the ballot in November. Now, thanks to you, I am on the ballot and can focus all my energy on spreading libertarian ideas that respect all Virginians and their choices, instead of trying to impose the will of the political class on your business and in your homes.

My message of limited government and unlimited freedom, of the power of choice and competition to transform people's' lives, and the Commonwealth of Virginia, for the better, has been very well received, with favorable coverage in a number of media outlets.

I have also been meeting with small business owners, who have been extremely welcoming and receptive to my plan to slash absurd and burdensome business regulations. Several told me that they, too, were libertarians. For that, I have previous candidates and their supporters to thank, who have broken through to new constituencies for me, and made libertarian ideas mainstream here in the Commonwealth.

I know that there is a huge group of people out there now who are natural libertarians like me, who want to vote for a Libertarian candidate - but also that there is an even bigger group of people who long for a candidate with the best interests of Virginians at heart, and not his own political career. Who is not beholden to any establishment political parties or big corporate donors, and is free to pursue a vision of an innovative and inclusive Virginia that is not afraid to adopt best practices from around the country that have been proven to work, no matter their origin - such as drug decriminalization, school choice, and deregulation of the healthcare and food and beverage industries.

I am the only alternative for those who do not feel at home with the establishment parties, their professional politicians, and their divisive rhetoric that turns the people against one another, and distracts them from the real gains that could be achieved for all Virginians if we paid more attention to ideas and less to partisan battles. I am hearing from independent voters around the state that they love my platform, and consider it more balanced than the other candidates'. I want to turn these independents into Libertarian voters.

But many people like this do not even know there is an election this year. It is a big challenge to reach this enormous block of voters that is fed up with the status quo and turned off by partisan politics. Campaign coverage on morning radio shows and in stories in the local newspaper are crucial, but may not going to be enough to reach them.

I personally contributed over $20,000 to ensure that we made the ballot, but almost every penny that we raised has already been spent on the incredibly costly ballot access drive. Without more funding, we risk losing all the momentum that we have built so far.

We desperately need more funding so that we can rapidly scale our support and our reach - money for the basics such as mailers, door knockers, signs, shirts, bumper stickers, and targeted online ad spends, not to mention ads in traditional media that are more likely to reach likely voters and the independent voters most open to our message.

I want a record vote total for the Libertarian Party in Virginia that sends a message to the establishment parties that they ignore libertarian voters at their peril, and that obtains major party status for the LP so that we can stop spending so much money on ballot access and start challenging the status quo and giving Virginians a choice in every election everywhere in the state.

Please help me do this by donating as much as you can now. Funding is most valuable now, because every dollar we spend at this stage will return more supporters, more funding, and more volunteers down the line.

Thanks again, your support means the world to me.

In Liberty,


PS THANK you for every dollar you donate, it helps me get my message out and win more votes.

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