Thursday, July 6, 2017

CVTP --The Central Virginia Tea Party Press....... 7/5/17 ......... JUST SCAN THE TITLES FIRST ..... circulation 375+

 CVTP --The Central Virginia Tea Party Press....... 7/5/17 ......... JUST SCAN THE TITLES FIRST ..... circulation 375+

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                "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding" prov 3.5

Liberty Weekend 1986 - The Star-Spangled Banner plus credits

29 States Refuse To Give Data To Voter Fraud Panel, "What Are They Trying To Hide" Trump Asks

"human rights come from a creator God", drew a large round of applause, likely because those words were largely absent during the previous eight years.

Young Trump supporter cleans Trump's defaced Hollywood star — and liberals blow a gasket over it

Phoenix, Arizona, after dropping sanctuary city policies in 2008, rates are: Murder -27%, robberies -23%, assault -13%, burglaries -14%, theft -19%, 

President Trump's Message to the Faith Community

LBJ knew most churches would favor the right more than the left .... Repubs hope to squash the LBJ Amendment.

Many of us prayed vehemently before election day ............. just maybe

This is a true Hoot from hooterville complete with a group photo 

Not anymore will virtually any body of water right down to a drainage ditch be scrutinized by EPA regulators.

On average, low-wage workers will earn $125 per month less because of the higher wage, a small but significant decline (TO A LOW-WAGE EARNER) ."

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"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth" ---- Muhammad Ali

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a new policy on Wednesday that prohibits payouts to third parties in settlements reached by the Justice Department.

Over the next few years, 24 unelected, private citizens will have control over millions of dollars of your tax money...& their actions can supersede our county policies.

U.S. Taxpayers Fund Takeover of Colombia by Marxist Terrorists

Report a pothole ............ govt does not have the staff to go out and look for them.....try it  ....   it works

GAO Says Immigration Courts Have Backlog of 437,000 Deportation Cases — Scheduled to 2022

The Chesterfield County govt & school system expect to end the current fiscal year with a combined surplus of more than $23 million, but it's unclear when – or if – any of that money will be returned to local taxpayers in the form of a property tax rate reduction.

Another beautiful case where "satisfaction & happiness" always beats "more money."     "More money" is always the "weakness fix" to a problem.

Food critic says 'you shouldn't eat Chick-fil-A' for political reasons — and it instantly backfires

Report a tall grass & weeds, unlicensed or inoperable vehicles, & discarded materials ..... govt does not have the staff to go out and look for them.....try it  ....   it works

"I'm a Christian, and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith," 

GOP rep introduces bill expanding concealed carry in DC to non-residents

North American Union: From NAFTA to the NAU...... they want the EU over there developed over here ............

MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, who is widely regarded as the principal architect of the Affordable Care Act, praised the Republican-backed health care legislation because he said it does not fully repeal the Obamacare bill
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"The US Government borrows $50,000 more every second ....... Uncle Sam is your Uncle, not yo' Daddy ."

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  1. This is to inform everyone that the 99th District Tea Party is officially out of business. The 99th DTP previously served Lancaster and Northumberland counties. Formed in late 2008, the 99th DTP had 35 - 40 regular members and met monthly in Lively, Lancaster County.

    Two events led to our demise.

    1. Our then-president, Don Johnson, scheduled a series of guest speakers all of whom were virulent anti-Muslims, one even claimed that President Obama was a "closet Muslim" and CIA Director John Brennan had "converted to Islam." Johnson followed these meetings with a series of bizarre meetings in which he urged us to "be prepared" for an attempted "Muslim takeover" of the US. These events led to many members leaving the group. A series of letters to the editor in local newspapers calling attention to these bizarre events did not help.

    2. In October 2015 we held a forum for local candidates (school board, supervisors, town council) to make presentations and answer questions from the audience. Then-president Don Johnson openly berated some candidates and audience members and cut off candidates with whom he disagreed.

    Since early 2016, our meetings attracted only 5-6 people. Our website is now defunct; our Facebook page has had no postings since April 2015.

    We attempted to form an alternative organization, the First District Freedom Coalition. However, our then-VP and communications director Lyn Niera scheduled another wacky anti-Muslim speaker for our first meeting. The first meeting was cancelled for lack of interest and the FDFC never got off the ground.

    We cancelled our corporate charter with the State of Virginia.

    Our neighboring Tea Party in Montross, Westmoreland County, is faltering badly and likely will collapse in a few months.

    Signed: Edgar Doleman, past president, 99th District Tea Party