Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Speaker Ryan is speaking out in support of the latest plan to repeal Obamacare - but even members of his own party don't believe it.
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Robert --

Yesterday, Speaker Ryan said that he'd "verified" that the latest plan to repeal and replace Obamacare protected the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions.

But here's the thing: Just saying that you've verified something doesn't actually make it true.

Speaker Ryan's fellow party members aren't even buying it -- many of whom know that this health care plan would be devastating to anyone with a pre-existing condition:

A devastating plan to anyone with a pre-existing condition

The latest plan to repeal Obamacare would strip away protections for tens of millions of Americans. That's a verified fact. We can't let that happen.

This vote is going to come down to just a handful of representatives. Here's your chance to make a difference -- call a swing vote right now:

(202) 225-4540



Saumya Narechania
National Issues Campaign Manager
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