Thursday, May 4, 2017

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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says a vote on a non-repeal Obamacare amendment is indeed scheduled for today and will proceed on the House floor. If the amendment makes it to the floor it means Paul Ryan and his liberal leadership believe they have the votes. Otherwise, like they've done in the past, the bill would be yanked and no vote would occur. 

Meaning there is still time for it to be blocked but not much. The window is closing and fast. 

What does this mean in terms of fixes for Obamacare? Well, there is certainly a needed element included in the amendment. Primarily the fact that if states prove that by removing mandated essential benefits (maternity for men...) premiums will go down and more individuals will be able to obtain coverage the states can apply for a waiver to void such benefits in many coverage plans. 

Unfortunately, virtually all of the rest of Obamacare stays intact. It's like applying pain meds for lung cancer. The cancer is still there but the pain is a little less painful in the short term. 

Worse, if this amendment makes it through both the house and senate it's highly unlikely Republicans will do much of anything else on Obamacare between now and the 2018 elections. Paul Ryan has already proven himself unwilling to fight Democrats on much of anything. And if they won't fight now when elections are a year and a half away, they certainly won't drag themselves into a fight later this year or early next. 

So if this amendment passes our team believes an actual repeal will not occur during this congress. Next to the border wall (which Paul Ryan banned Trump from building), an Obamacare was the biggest campaign promise of the 2016 cycle. By both Trump and those running as Republicans for Congress. 

And if there is no repeal this year or next, Republicans will not be able to use the promise of repeal to convince voters to trust them going forward. Granted, they'll likely try, but voters just aren't going to buy the lie any longer after a betrayal of this magnitude. 

Paul Ryan has proven yet again that his leadership is leading our nation off a cliff. Why Republicans continue to put their faith in him as speaker is beyond us. 

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