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PRESS RELEASE: Concerned Women PAC, Family Research Council Action PAC, Homeschool Legal Defense Association PAC Endorse Forbes

Forbes For Congress

Concerned Women PAC, Family Research Council Action PAC, Homeschool Legal Defense Association PAC Endorse Forbes

Dr. James Dobson, Penny Young Nance, Other Top National Faith Leaders Praise Forbes:

  "A conservative hero in the United States Congress at a time when we need one most"

"The clear conservative choice for Congress in Virginia's Second District"

"One of the most eloquent and effective voices in Congress for religious liberty"

"A true statesman and servant leader," "Proven champion for human life"

"An outstanding advocate for conservative values"

"Urge those who care about the future of our nation and our freedoms to support him"

Date: June 13, 2016
Contact: Hailey Sadler, Communications Director, (757) 692-2108

Virginia Beach, VA -- Today, Congressman Randy Forbes announced the endorsements of some of the nation's strongest advocates and organizations leading the fight to protect faith, family, and freedom. This impressive list includes the endorsement of the Concerned Women Political Action Committee (PAC), the country's premier coalition of conservative women committed to the values of religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, American sovereignty, and traditional values; the Family Research Council Action PAC, supporting principled, pro-family, conservative leaders; as well as the Homeschool Legal Defense Association PAC, fighting to preserve parents' Constitutional rights and the freedom to homeschool, as well as working to increase the number of pro-family, pro-homeschooling men and women in federal office. 

Additionally, some of the nation's most recognizable advocates for religious freedom and conservative family values have strongly praised Congressman Forbes' leadership in Congress. Here is what they are saying about why it's critical to keep Randy Forbes' proven conservative leadership in Washington:

Dr. James C. Dobson, Founder and President, Family Talk*: "It is my pleasure to be among the many solid conservatives who are supporting Randy Forbes' re-election for the United States House of Representatives for Virginia's 2nd Congressional District. Congressman Forbes' courageous and consistent commitment to core conservative principles has been proven time and time again. As his voting record demonstrates, Randy has worked diligently to promote a strong national defense. He has also led by example to actively protect religious liberty through his position as Chairman and Founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, and to advocate for lower taxes, limited government, and Constitutional principles. Personally, I have known Congressman Forbes to be a true Statesman, a man who lives the Christian values that he espouses, and a man who respects the position that he has been entrusted with. As a private individual, I am honored to endorse Randy Forbes for Congress, and pray that his re-election will bolster a new generation of leaders who will return this nation to the constitutional principles upon which it was founded."

Ralph Reed, Chairman, Faith and Freedom Coalition*: "I have known Randy Forbes for over 25 years and know him to be a man of principle and character. The values he exemplifies in his public service are the same values that animate his personal life. He is committed to fighting terrorism and tyranny, and is a steadfast supporter of Israel.  He is one of the most eloquent and effective voices in Congress for religious liberty for all Americans. Randy is the best choice to serve and represent the people of Virginia's Second Congressional District."

Penny Young Nance, CEO, Concerned Women Political Action Committee: "We are proud to endorse Randy Forbes for Congress. Randy Forbes is a conservative hero in the United States Congress at a time when we need one most. He is a proven champion for human life and religious liberty. He is also faithful to care for our military service men and women active and retired. He is a public servant the 2nd district of Virginia can be proud to call their representative."

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council Action*: "Now, more than ever, our nation calls out for leaders of conviction, faith, and integrity. I know you to be such a leader. Your stellar conservative voting record and your desire to protect constitutional conservatism are only a part of your strengths in Congress. You have been willing to take the lead on critical issues of our day -- like religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and national security -- to ensure we are protected within and without our borders. Over the years, it's been our pleasure to repeatedly award you an FRC Action 'True Blue' rating, and we hope to be able to do so again in the future. In particular, your work in founding the Congressional Prayer Caucus has been greatly encouraging to organizations like ours who understand the role of our Christian faith, which has allowed America to be a great nation. There is no power granted any of us save that power which is first granted by our Creator. To this end, you have shown a consistent willingness to put citizens above partisan politics. I applaud the lengths to which you have gone to protect the freedom of Americans to live our lives according to our faith, free from government coercion. I extend my gratitude to you for standing firm in defense of those fundamental freedoms."

Lt. General (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, Executive Vice President, Family Research Council Action PAC: "In his years of service in the United States House, Rep. Forbes has been an outstanding advocate for conservative values. He has consistently received a 100% record on our annual Scorecard, and earned our True Blue Award. As a member of Congress, Rep. Forbes has proven he will stand up for the Constitution and fight for the rights of the people. He has continued the fight against Obamacare, which has become an unprecedented infringement upon the basic freedoms of the citizens of our nation. He understands that Big Government is not the answer to the challenges we are facing and has supported reining in an intrusive government bureaucracy. He continues to uphold strong family values as the cornerstone of a prosperous nation. We commend his commitment to ensuring the rights of conscience are not infringed, and our freedom to live out our beliefs remains secure. FRC Action PAC is confident that he will be a strong advocate for Constitutional limited government, for individual liberties, and for strong family values. Once again, we are pleased to offer our endorsement and will urge those who care about the future of our nation and our freedoms to support him as well."

Gary L. Bauer, Chairman, Campaign for Working Families*: "Randy Forbes is the leader Virginia's Second Congressional District needs in Congress today. He is a principled conservative who fights for our commonsense values. He has the experience necessary to defend the unique interests of the Second District. Randy is a patriot committed to rebuilding our economy, our military, and to maintaining a strong national defense. He is committed to defeating America's radical Islamic enemies, and he will always stand with Israel. Randy Forbes is the clear conservative choice for Congress in Virginia's Second District."

Michael P. Farris, Chairman, Home School Legal Defense Association*: "Randy has been a stalwart for homeschool freedom, for the protection of our faith, and for the protection of traditional American values. We are grateful for his leadership in Congress, and we are proud to endorse him in his bid for re-election to Congress. We know that he will ably serve the people of the 2nd District of Virginia."

Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice*: "My friend Randy Forbes has served the people of Virginia with conviction and integrity. It has been an honor to represent Congressman Forbes on critical cases of religious freedom before the Supreme Court of the United States."

The Hon. Marilyn Musgrave, Vice President of Government Affairs, Susan B. Anthony List*: "I have known Randy for many years, first as a colleague in the House of Representatives, and then as a friend. Randy is a man of true character who loves this country and her people. The 'right to life' is not a slogan to Congressman Forbes, but the most fundamental pronouncement of the most significant founding document of our nation. I know that Randy will continue to fight to protect the rights of the unborn as a Member of Congress."

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel*: "Representative Randy Forbes sets the standard for Members of Congress. He loves God and country, and is devoted to serving people and other lawmakers to restore and defend the principles that made America a great nation. I cannot think of a better representative than Congressman Randy Forbes."

Tom McClusky, Vice President of Government Affairs, March for Life Action*: "Congressman Forbes has always been a strong advocate for life and religious liberty for Virginia and this nation. Be it talking with his Congressional colleagues or speaking on the House floor, we always know we have a champion for life in Randy Forbes."

Gary Marx, Former Executive Director of Faith and Freedom Coalition & Former Senior Advisor to Presidential Candidate Sen. Rubio*: "Rep. Forbes is a hero in the conservative movement that we can trust to stand up when the battle is toughest. I wholeheartedly endorse his election in the 2nd Congressional District!"

Congressman Forbes is widely recognized as the leading advocate in Congress for faith freedoms, and serves as the Founder and Co-Chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus. He leads this bipartisan group of nearly 100 lawmakers in the fight to protect every American's Constitutional right to live out their faith, without fear of punishment from the government. Congressman Forbes has been endorsed by National Right to Life and has a 100% score for his pro-life record. He has also received the Family Research Council's "True Blue Award," and was recently recognized by the American Conservative Union with the Award for Conservative Excellence in recognition of his unwavering commitment to the values that this nation was founded upon.

Congressman Forbes has also been endorsed by the Tidewater Tea Party Alliance, the Republican Professionals Network of Virginia, as well as over 200 community, elected, business, and conservative leaders across the Second District.

*Titles and affiliations for identification purposes only
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