Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ryan fails to endorse Trump but will work for unity

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Ryan fails to endorse Trump but will work for unity

image House Speaker Paul Ryan stopped short of a full endorsement of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump after a face-to-face meeting Thursday on Capitol Hill, but in a joint statement the two said they are "committed" to unifying a fractured Republican Party.

Will Hillary's white male problem keep her out of office?

image There is a battle of the sexes going on among the nation's electorate, and Clinton seems to be losing: As much as women dislike Donald Trump, men dislike Clinton more.

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For what it's worth, Boehner jumps on Trump train

image Former House Speaker John Boehner is getting behind Donald Trump, despite disagreeing with Trump's stands on banning Muslims from entering the United States, tearing up trade deals and other issues.

Medicare Cuts Killing Seniors

image President Obama's Medicare cuts are killing seniors. His health law changed Medicare, adding bonuses for hospitals that spend the least per senior. The result? Hundreds of hospitals are skimping on care to win bonuses. Seniors at these hospitals aren't getting the right antibiotic or other treatments they need.

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Unemployment claims reach highest level since early 2015

image The Labor Department says the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits rose last week to the highest level since February 2015, more sobering news for the labor market after a disappointing April jobs report.

Federal grand jury indicts ex-North Charleston officer in shooting of African-American man

image Michael Slager, the former North Charleston white police officer charged with the fatal shooting of an unarmed African-American man, was indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday.

Wrapping mental illness in the American flag

image Sports Illustrated has announced plans to feature Bruce Jenner on its cover, clad in only an American Flag and his Olympic gold medal.

Romney: any refusal by Trump to release tax returns 'disqualifying'

image Mitt Romney is keeping up the pressure on Donald Trump to release his tax returns. Romney called any refusal by Trump to release his tax returns before Election Day, "disqualifying."

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