Monday, July 28, 2014

Help Fire Reid

FreedomWorks for America

Robert, Harry Reid has to go. His policies and support of Obama are destroying the America we love.

Harry Reid is by far the most tyrannical, power-hungry Majority Leader in American history. He runs the Senate like King George III.

Under Harry Reid, Obama’s snoops have been able to spy on your email. He wants the IRS to make health care decisions for YOU. And if Reid gets his way, YOU will be forced to bail out big insurance companies that lose money under ObamaCare.

We can’t let Harry Reid get away with ruining our country. He needs to be stopped. He needs to be fired!

Let us know that you’re ready to Fire Harry Reid.


We have less than 100 days to put Reid and the Democrats in the minority. Are you ready to do it?

In Liberty,

Adam Brandon


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