Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Are You In?


Robert, every August, Congress skips town for the whole month. (And DC gets a lot better.)

And even though they’re on vacation, we can’t take one. We need to demand Congress act when they get back!

And Robert, there are three huge issues we need them to act on. NOW.

We need the Senate to stop the ObamaCare Bailout, get the IRS out of your health care, and stop warrantless government spying. We NEED to pass bills to accomplish these goals.

In the next couple of weeks you and I are going to have to do a LOT of work, but if we’re going to make a difference, we need to know what we’re fighting for, so please, read these blog-posts before August Action starts!

1. The ObamaCare Bailout

The Democrats wrote a huge bailout for insurance companies right into the ObamaCare law. If we don’t stop it, it will cost YOU billions. Read more here...

2. Get the IRS out of your health care

If nothing changes, the IRS will effectively run the ObamaCare health care takeover. Socialized medicine is bad enough. But the IRS in charge? No. Way. Read more here...

3. Stop government spying without a warrant

Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz co-sponsored a bill that will guarantee our Fourth Amendment rights. Under the Constitution, the government MUST get a warrant if they want to search you or spy on you. This bill will close legal loopholes and make sure your rights are protected. Read more here...

With your work, and the hard work of thousands of patriots like you we can make a difference.

This is our country. The politicians are supposed to work for us. Be a part of August Action and help take America back.

In Liberty,

Adam Brandon
Executive Vice President, FreedomWorks

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