Thursday, January 24, 2013

Morning Briefing: Hillary Testifies


Morning Briefing

For January 24, 2013

1.  Hillary's irrelevant testimony, WMD intel and Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan is a generally competent NFL quarterback who has led my Atlanta Falcons to their best consecutive seasons' run since he took over for Michael Vick five years ago. But I saw his two turnovers in the second half of their NFC Championship Game loss to the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday. No post-game news conference can change the fact of his responsibility (and those of other teammates) for the failure of his team to reach the Super Bowl.

What has this to do with Hillary Clinton's testimony before the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign Relations Committees today, much less the ancient story of false intel on WMD stockpiles in Iraq before our 2003 invasion? With respect to the latter, it is next to impossible to prove a negative, so that, especially after 9/11, a lack of intelligence identifying the presence of WMD in Iraq could not have outweighed the public behavior of Saddam Hussein consistent with the presence of such weapons coupled with the risk that he would use them again, as he had in the past.  . . . please click here for the rest of the post

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2.  What Did Margaret Sanger Think about Abortion?

January 22nd, 2013, is the anniversary of a date that should live in infamy. It was the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion throughout the United States.

At the forefront of the pro-abortion movement stands Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger, the organization's founder, has a reputation as both a racist and eugenicist, but her words on abortion might surprise people. Take a look at some of her writings . . . please click here for the rest of the post

3.  Facing the Reality of Obamacare, Entitlements, and Budgets

If conservatives really desire to use this temporary debt increase to regroup and unite behind entitlement reform, they should fulfill their promise to block any CR that contains funding for Obamacare.  Let's confront a reality: entitlement reform is mostly about free market healthcare reforms, most notably, restructuring Medicare and Medicaid.  Yet, we will never have the ability to change these 50-year-old programs until we disrupt the new behemoth from taking root.  When fully enacted, Obamacare will take over 1/6 of our economy, create permanent dependency for tens of millions of Americans, induce unsustainable inflationary pressure on the cost of healthcare and health insurance, and saddle the next generation with crippling debt.

If we've learned anything from past experiences, it's that no government entitlement program is ever repealed once the dependency takes root. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

4.  "No Budget, No Pay" bill passes the House.

Basically, what's going to happen is this: if the bill passes in the Senate then both the House and Senate will be under the gun to pass a budget in their respective chambers by April 15th. If the Senate does not – and let's be honest; it's the Senate that's the problem – then the Senate doesn't get paid until they do. The House Republican caucus was generally behind this bill (it's linked to a three-month extension of the debt ceiling, which is the only reason why it might not have been); Senate Democrats are still kind of mumbling about it for the moment. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

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