Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alexander's invoice to John Boehner

Grassfire Alert:

Dear Robert Bruce,

During the recent "fiscal cliff" negotiations, House Speaker John Boehner -- after conceding $800 billion in new taxes -- asked President Obama, "What am I getting?"

The Wall Street Journal reports that Obama looked at Boehner and said, "You don't get anything for it. I'm taking that anyway."

This is the man who did our bidding? A man who repeatedly said that raising taxes "is not going to happen" and that "there will be no tax hikes"?

In fact, John Boehner told the world -- and every conservative in it -- that "extending all of the current tax rates and making them permanent will reduce the uncertainty in America and help small businesses begin to create jobs again."

+ + Boehner's Tough Talk Just Empty Promises

But his tough talk and blustering about fiscal responsibility and not raising taxes was for the cameras' benefit, not yours! In the end, it was more of the same beltway hot air -- full of empty promises and lip service. Sadly, Boehner's failure is about to impact all working-class Americans at a time when many can't afford it.

But you can do something about it. Grassfire is making it possible for you to send John Boehner -- and others who supported the "fiscal cliff" deal -- the bill for the money they're costing you and your family!

Go here now to INVOICE them for the amount they're taking from you.

+ + Washington's Spending Crisis Shouldn't Be YOUR Crisis

Amidst rising unemployment; continuing economic uncertainty; fears about ObamaCare; and lawmakers authorizing the federal government to take, on average, an additional $1,667 from your pocket this year; grassroots Americans need to send the strongest response possible to those most responsible.

That's why Grassfire has created a platform for you to INVOICE your two Virginia senators and representative, as well as John Boehner and virtually all the Republican lawmakers who supported the outright theft of your hard-earned money.

Go here now to send John Boehner and his friends the bill:

+ + Take Action: Invoice Boehner And His Friends For Taking Your Money

Tell them you won't stand for or support elected officials  who compromise their principles and then expect the American people to silently follow along.

John Boehner lied to you! But Grassfire can help you respond to him and other lawmakers who voted in favor of last week's "fiscal cliff" tax increase.

Use our FaxFire immediate delivery system to INVOICE John Boehner and other Congressional leaders for the money they're taking from you.

Thank you for the stand you're taking.

The Grassfire Team

P.S. President Obama's latest money-grab impacts virtually all tax-paying Americans. After scheduling your INVOICES, alert your friends and family members. Encourage them to bill Congress for the money they'll lose in their paychecks by going here. Or, urge them to visit



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